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Oct 13th
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Sky King!


VAV!/October 29, 2011

"From out of the clear blue of the Western sky comes  - Sky King!"

With those immortal words from 1946's "Sky King", America's Favorite Flying Cowboy, first aired as a 15 minute serial radio adventure series. By 1947, the serial had been upgraded to a 1/2 hour, twice a week success!

Flying aboard his beloved Cessna T-50 twin-engine bamboo bomber airplane "Songbird," Schuyler 'Sky' King was neverendingly involved in one frantic adventure after another. Operating his Flying Crown Ranch in Arizona, near a fictional town called Grover, Sky's bigger than life character was portrayed  through the years by actors Jack Lester, Earl Nightingale, and eventually, Roy Engel. Beryl Vaughn played Sky's niece Penny; Jack Bivens was Chipper and Cliff Soubier was the foreman. 

This serial, like many others of 1940's decade offered radio premiums to fans. Sky King Secret Signalscope was one such premium that daily enticed listeners, along with The Sky King Spy-Detecto Writer, complete with a decoder, scale and magnifying glass AND Magni-Glo Writing Ring! Wow!

Airing on the radio until 1954, the show ran simultaneously and enjoyed its premier on television in 1952.

The television version of Sky King starred Kirby Grant as Sky King and Gloria Winters as his teen-aged niece Penny. Other regular characters appeared, including Sky's nephew Clipper, played by Ron Hagerthy, and Mitch the sheriff, portrayed by Ewing Mitchell.  

The television series ran through 1959.



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Chef Paul Prudhomme

Pictured above: Chef Paul Prudhomme/Image courtesy of FB Screen Grab© VAV!/October 8, 2014 Renowned celebrity chef, Paul Prudhomme, who has been credited with popularizing Cajun cooking, died Thursday morning following a brief illness.  He was 75.


Notable Deaths 2015

VAV!/October 2015 "I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens." - Woody Allen Notable American officials, celebrities, artists and athletes who died in 2015. October 8 Lindy Infante, 75, American football coach (Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts). Paul Prudhomme, 75, American chef and restaurant owner. 7 Harry Gallatin, 88, American Hall of Fame basketball player (New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons) and coach (New York Knicks, St. Louis Hawks), complications from surgery. Gail Zappa, 70, American businesswoman, lung cancer. 6 Kevin Corcoran, 66, American actor and producer (Old Yeller, Pete's Dragon, Sons of Anarchy), colorectal cancer. Smokey Johnson, 78, American drummer. William Barnett Kolender, 80, American police chief and county sheriff, Director of the California Youth Authority (1991–1994). Billy Joe Royal, 73, American pop and country singer ("Down in the Boondocks", "Cherry Hill Park", "Burned Like a Rocket"). 5 Frank Albanese, 84, American boxer and actor (The Sopranos, Goodfellas). Grace Lee Boggs, 100, American civil rights activist and author. Larry Brezner, 73, American film producer (Good Morning Vietnam, Throw Momma From the Train, Ride Along). Anna Pump, 81, American baker and cookbook author. 4 William A. Culpepper, 99, American judge, Louisiana Court of Appeal for the Third Circuit. J. Whyatt Mondesire, 66, American journalist and civil rights activist. Dave Pike, 77, American jazz musician.[50] 3 Al Abrams, 74, American press officer and publicist (Motown Records). Olga Hirshhorn, 95, American art collector. Barbara Meek, 81, American actress (Archie Bunker's Place). Arthur A. Small, 81, American lawyer and poet, kidney failure. 2 Willie Akins, 76, American jazz saxophonist. 1Marty Beil, 68, American union leader. Don Edwards, 100, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California (1963–1995). Jacob Pressman, 95, American Conservative rabbi, co-founder of American Jewish University. Johnny Strange, 23, American mountain climber and adventurer, wingsuit crash.   September 30 Morris E. Fine, 97, American scientist.Donald Seawell, 103, American theater producer and newspaper publisher. 29 Al Benecick, 78, American football player (Saskatchewan Roughriders). Robert Curvin, 81, American writer and social activist, multiple myeloma. Benjamin Hutto, 67, American musician. Sybil C. Mobley, 89, American academic. Burton Raffel, 87, American literary translator and writer. Soaring Softly, 20, American racehorse, euthanized. Phil Woods, 83, American saxophonist ("Just the Way You Are"), emphysema. 28 Catherine E. Coulson, 71, American film and television actress (Twin Peaks), cancer. Frankie Ford, 76, American singer ("Sea Cruise"). Walter Dale Miller, 89, American politician, Governor of South Dakota (1993–1995). Erik Roner, 39, American extreme sports athlete and television personality (Nitro Circus), skydiving collision. Cathriona White, 30, Irish-born American film makeup artist. (body discovered on this date) 27 Wilton Felder, 75, American saxophonist (The Crusaders) and session bassist (Motown). John Guillermin, 89, British film director and producer (The Towering Inferno, King Kong, Shaft in Africa), heart attack. Denise Lor, 86, American singer ("If I Give My Heart to You") and actress. Richard Rainwater, 71, American investor. Fred Stickel, 93, American newspaper publisher (The Oregonian). 26 Eugene D. Commins, 83, American physicist. Doug Kendall, 51, American lawyer, founder of the Constitutional Accountability Center, colon cancer. Sidney Phillips, 91, American Marine (1941–1945), physician and author. Paul Reed, 96, American artist. James Wallin, 73, American politician, Mayor of Brainerd, Minnesota (since 1998), heart attack. 25 Bill Crawford, 79, American politician, member of Indiana House of Representatives (1972–2012). John Galvin, 86, American army general, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (1987–1992). Tommie Green, 59, American basketball player (New Orleans Jazz) and college coach (Southern University). Tom Kelley, 71, American Major League Baseball player (Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves). 24 William W. Gullett, 92, American politician. Nick Louvel, 34, American filmmaker (The Uncondemned), traffic collision. Peter P. Sorokin, 84, American physicist. 23 22 Edwige Belmore (de), 58, French-born American model, liver failure. Yogi Berra, 90, American Hall of Fame baseball player and manager (New York Yankees, New York Mets), member of 13 World Series championship teams. Debby Constantino, American paranormal TV show personality (Ghost Adventures), gunshot. Mark Constantino, American paranormal TV show personality (Ghost Adventures), suicide by gunshot. Richard Dickson Cudahy, 89, American federal judge. Elizabeth Fink, 70, American defense attorney.Joe LeSage, 86, American lawyer and politician, member of the Louisiana State Senate (1968–1972) John J. McNeill, 90, American Jesuit priest and gay rights activist. Cheri Mitchell, 60, American ballet director, Executive Director of BalletMet (2001–2015), traffic collision. James David Santini, 78, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Nevada at-large (1975–1983), esophageal cancer. Al Seckel, 57, American optical illusion collector and sceptic. Richard G. Scott, 86, American cleric, Mormon apostle. Phyllis Tickle, 81, American religious studies author and lector, lung cancer.21 Ben Cauley, 67, American trumpet player and singer (The Bar-Kays).N. Patrick Crooks, 77, American judge, Wisconsin Supreme Court justice (since 1996). Raphael Michael Fliss, 84, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Superior (1985–2007). Esther Golar, 71, American politician, member of the Illinois House of Representatives (since 2006), cancer. Leon Root, 86, American orthopedic surgeon and author, complications of a low blood count. Robert E. Simon, 101, American real estate entrepreneur. Ionel Talpazan, 60, Romanian-born American painter, complications of a stroke and advanced diabetes. Richard Williamson, 74, American football player (Alabama Crimson Tide) and coach (Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers). 20 Joseph Iannuzzi, 84, American mobster and FBI informant, bone cancer. Jack Larson, 87, American playwright and actor (Adventures of Superman). Jeremy Tarcher, 83, American publisher, Parkinson's disease. C. K. Williams, 78, American poet, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (2000), multiple myeloma. 19 James Rodger Brandon, 88, American academic. Jackie Collins, 77, British-American novelist, breast cancer.Bill Larson, 77, American football player (Boston Patriots). Carole Little, 80, American fashion designer, cancer. Alan Magill, 61, American medical researcher. Herschel Silverman, 89, American Beat poet. Walter Young, 35, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles), heart attack. 18 Nancy Bernstein, 55, American visual effects and film producer (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, X-Men, Rise of the Guardians), colorectal cancer. James R. Houck, 74, American astrophysicist. John A. Jane, 84, American neurosurgeon. William E. Paul, 79, American immunologist and AIDS researcher, acute myeloid leukemia. 17 Bobby Etheridge, 73, American baseball player (San Francisco Giants). Milo Hamilton, 88, American Hall of Fame sportscaster (Houston Astros). D. M. Marshman, Jr., 92, American screenwriter (Sunset Boulevard). Everett Parker, 102, American civil rights activist. 16 May Boss, 90, American stuntwoman (Hulk, The Blues Brothers, Total Recall). Julio Brady, 73, American Virgin Island judge and politician, Lieutenant Governor (1983–1987). Bob Cleary, 79, American ice hockey player, Olympic gold medalist (1960). Carey Gabay, 43, American lawyer, counsel to Governor of New York, shot. Overton James, 90, American educator and politician, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation (1963–1987). Peggy Jones, 75, American guitarist (Bo Diddley). Joe Morrone, 79, American soccer coach (Connecticut Huskies).15 Daniel Levins, 62, American ballet dancer (The Turning Point), bacterial lung infection. Randy Wiles, 64, American baseball player (Chicago White Sox), cancer. 14 Fred DeLuca, 67, American businessman, co-founder of Subway, leukemia. Steve Meilinger, 84, American football player (Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers). Adam Purple, 84, American environmental activist, heart attack.13 William J. Becker, 88, American theater critic and film distributor (Janus Films), complications of kidney failure. Erma Bergmann, 91, American baseball player (AAGPBL) (1946–1951) Georges de Paris, 81, French-born American tailor. Jane Jacobs, 91, American baseball player (AAGPBL). Howie Johnson, 90, American golf player. Moses Malone, 60, American Hall of Fame basketball player (Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets), atherosclerosis. Jay Scott Pike, 91, American cartoonist and illustrator. Gary Richrath, 65, American guitarist and songwriter (REO Speedwagon). Carl Emil Schorske, 100, American cultural historian, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction (1981). 12 Deborah Asnis, 59, American infectious disease specialist, breast cancer. Melvin Bernhardt, 84, American theater director, fall. Claudia Card, 74, American philosopher. Frank D. Gilroy, 89, American playwright and screenwriter. Maciek Malish, 53, American sound editor (The X-Files, Lost, Starship Troopers), traffic collision. Bill H. McAfee, 84, American radio (WCGA) and TV (WTVC) broadcaster and politician, member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1976–2000). Al Monchak, 98, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies) and coach (Pittsburgh Pirates). David Powledge, 67, American actor and stuntman (The Usual Suspects, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Green Hornet). 11 Dennis Paul Hebert, 88, American politician, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives for Tangipahoa Parish (1972–1996). Dwight Y. King, 72, American political scientist (Northern Illinois University), expert on Indonesian politics, complications from Parkinson's disease. Roy Marble, 48, American basketball player (Iowa Hawkeyes, Atlanta Hawks, Denver Nuggets), lung cancer. Lawrence S. Phillips, 88, American philanthropist. Alan Purwin, 53, American helicopter pilot and aerial film operator (Transformers, Star Trek, Jurassic World), plane crash. Kerry Simon, 60, American chef, multiple system atrophy. Ray Smolover, 94, American opera director and hazzan. 10 Jerry Baker, 73, American cyclist, leukemia. Mamdouha Bobst, 90, Lebanese-born American philanthropist. John Connell, 91, American actor (Young Doctor Malone, Fail Safe, Family Business). Norman Farberow, 97, American psychologist, pioneer of suicidology. Ihab Hassan, 89, Egyptian-born American literary theorist.James E. Proctor, Jr., 79, American politician, member of the Maryland House of Delegates (since 1990). 9 Robert B. Albritton II, 78, American political scientist (University of Mississippi), expert on Thailand. Lane Bray, 86, American politician, member of the Washington House of Representatives (1991–1995).Charles Hallac, 50, American businessman (BlackRock), colorectal cancer. Leina'ala Kalama Heine, 75, American kumu hula and hālau founder. Einar H. Ingman, Jr., 85, American Army Medal of Honor recipient (Korean War). Kool DJ AJ, American hip-hop DJ. 8 Merv Adelson, 85, American television producer, cancer. Ebby Halliday, 104, American realtor and businesswoman. Scott Hilley, 62, American actor and voice actor (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, We Are Marshall). Andrew Kohut, 73, American political scientist, leukemia. Tyler Sash, 27, American football player (New York Giants). 7 Susan Allen, 64, American harpist, brain cancer. Augusta Lee Collins, 69, American blues musician, traffic collision. Zeke Grader, 68, American fish conservationist and lawyer, pancreatic cancer. George Guida, 93, American Olympic sprinter (1948). Helen Burns Jackson, 91, American civil rights activist. Dickie Moore, 89, American child actor (Our Gang, Sergeant York, Oliver Twist). Karen Davey Stewart, 62, American helicopter skiing pioneer, co-founder of World Extreme Skiing Championship, ATV rollover. 6 Beverly Daggett, 69, American politician, member (1996–2004) and President (2003–2004) of the Maine Senate, polycystic kidney disease. Richard E. Flathman, 81, American political theorist. Rufus Hollis Gause, 90, American theologian. Martin Milner, 83, American actor (Adam-12, Route 66, Sweet Smell of Success), heart failure. Fred Ohr, 96, American World War II flying ace. Nelson Peery, 92, American political activist and author. John Perreault, 78, American art critic and poet, complications from gastrointestinal surgery. Barney Schultz, 89, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals). Gaylord Shaw, 73, American journalist. Calvin J. Spann, 90, American fighter pilot (Tuskegee Airmen). 5 Avery Dennis Sr., 86, American tribal politician and substance abuse counselor, Trustee of the Shinnecock Indian Nation. Gene Elston, 93, American Major League Baseball broadcaster (Houston Astros). Frederick Dennis Greene, 66, American singer (Sha-Na-Na), actor, movie studio executive and law professor, esophageal cancer. Peter D. Hannaford, 82, American public relations consultant. Fagaoalii Satele Sunia, 69, American Samoan literacy advocate, First Lady (1997–2003), stroke. 4 Jean Darling, 93, American silent film actress (Our Gang), radio personality and author. Eldon Johnson, 85, American politician, member of the Oregon House of Representatives (1977–1999), stroke. Sara Little Turnbull, 97, American product designer. Warren Murphy, 81, American author (The Destroyer) and screenwriter (Lethal Weapon 2, The Eiger Sanction). 3 Wayne D. Bennett, 87, American politician, member of the Iowa House of Representatives (1973–1993) and Senate (1993–1997). Gabrielle Burton, 76, American novelist, pancreatic cancer. Stanton R. Cook, 90, American chief executive (Chicago Tribune). Vivian Eng, 51, American musical theatre actress (The King and I), house fire. Giltedge, 29, Irish-born American eventing horse. Leon Gorman, 80, American businessman, President (1967–2001) and Chairman (2001–2013) of L.L.Bean, cancer. William H. Grier, 89, American psychologist and author (Black Rage), complications from a brain lesion. Don Griffin, 60, American singer and guitarist (The Miracles), traffic collision. Carter Lay, 44, American businessman and philanthropist, heir to Frito-Lay. Leland McPhie, 101, American masters athlete. John Noah, 87, American ice hockey player, Olympic silver medalist (1952), Alzheimer's disease. Daniel Thompson, 94, Canadian-born American inventor, creator of the automatic bagel maker and the folding ping pong table. Frederick Winship, 90, American theater critic. 2 John E. Boland, 78, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (1971–1973).Ephraim Engleman, 104, American rheumatologist. Henry Gleitman, 90, German-born American psychologist. Brianna Lea Pruett, 32, American singer and songwriter, suicide. 1 Boomer Castleman, 70, American singer-songwriter and guitarist, inventor of the palm pedal, cancer. Eric H. Davidson, 78, American biologist, heart attack. Richard G. Hewlett, 92, American public historian. Dean Jones, 84, American actor (The Love Bug, Company, Beethoven), Parkinson's disease. Ben Kuroki, 98, American bomber pilot. Will Provine, 73, American science historian, brain tumor. Robert Ravenstahl, 90, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1975–1978)   August 1 Mates Friesel, 91, American politician, mayor and founder of New Square, New York (since 1961). Vincent Marotta, 91, American entrepreneur, co-creator of Mr. Coffee. 2 Forrest Bird, 94, American Hall of Fame aviator and inventor. Tyler Drumheller, 63, American CIA agent, pancreatic cancer. Robert Lukens, 42, American historian and collection manager (United States Capitol Visitor Center), President of the Chester County Historical Society (since 2011), cancer.J. Durward Morsch, 94, American composer.June Schwarcz, 97, American enamel artist. Jack Spring, 82, American baseball player (Los Angeles Angels), Parkinson's disease. 3 Robert Conquest, 98, British-born American historian (The Great Terror), pneumonia. Mel Farr, 70, American football player (Detroit Lions). Coleen Gray, 92, American actress (Nightmare Alley, Kiss of Death, The Killing). Frank Kerns, 82, American college basketball coach (Georgia Southern). Carol Brown Janeway, 71, British-born American editor and translator. Cynthia Macdonald, 87, American poet, heart failure. Lynn Manning, 60, American poet, playwright and actor (Seinfeld, 8 Simple Rules), liver cancer. Giovanni Riggi, 90, American mobster, inspiration for The Sopranos. 4 Yosef Goldman, 73, American book dealer and author. Irving Harper, 99, American industrial designer. Elsie Hillman, 89, American politician and philanthropist. John Rudometkin, 75, American basketball player (New York Knicks, San Francisco Warriors). Billy Sherrill, 78, American record producer (Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Charlie Rich). Lela Swift, 96, American television director (Dark Shadows, Ryan's Hope). Alfred C. Williams, 64, American politician, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives (since 2012). 5 Svetlana Boym, 56, Soviet-born American scholar and author, cancer. Joyce Ingalls, 65, American actress (Paradise Alley). Joseph Kainrad, 83, American judge and politician. Johnny Tiger, Jr., 75, American artist. 6 Bradley M. Glass, 84, American politician. Ray Hill, 39, American football player (Miami Dolphins), colon cancer. Frederick R. Payne, Jr., 104, American brigadier general. 7 Terrence Evans, 81, American actor (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Star Trek, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Art Finley, 88, American broadcaster Jerome G. Miller, 83, American youth social worker. Bob Morton, 81, American politician. Frances Oldham Kelsey, 101, Canadian-born American physician, Food and Drug Administration reviewer. Louise Suggs, 91, American Hall of Fame professional golfer, co-founder of LPGA. Uggie, 13, American canine actor (The Artist, Water for Elephants, The Campaign), euthanised. 8 David Dill, 60, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (since 2003), cancer. Ann McGovern, 85, American author, cancer. Sean Price, 43, American rapper (Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik). Abner Shimony, 87, American physicist and philosopher. Sam S. Walker, 90, American army general. 9 Jean Byrne, 88, American educator, First Lady of New Jersey (1974–1982), babesiosis. Jim Gaffney, 94, American football player (Washington Redskins). Frank Gifford, 84, American Hall of Fame football player (New York Giants) and broadcaster (Monday Night Football). Don Kent, 71, American blues historian and record collector. 10 Buddy Baker, 74, American Hall of Fame NASCAR driver and commentator (CBS Sports), lung cancer. Fred Eckhardt, 89, American beer expert. Herbert Fielding, 92, American politician, member of the South Carolina Senate (1985–1992). Cleo Hill, 77, American basketball player (St. Louis Hawks). Biff Liff, 96, American theatrical agent. David Shelley, 57, American blues rock musician, cancer. Edward Thomas, 95, American police officer. 11 Eddie Cusic, 89, American blues musician, prostate cancer.Jim Freeman, 101, American football player and coach (Ball State Cardinals). William J. Moore, 92, American politician. George A. Murphy, 92, American politician, New York State Senator (1971–1972), Assemblyman (1973–1978) and Supreme Court judge (1978–1997), complications of a stroke. Richard S. Ross, 91, American cardiologist. Anne Strieber, 68, American author and editor. Wendell Wood, 65, American environmental activist, co-founder of Oregon Wild. 12 13 Bill Aswad, 93, American politician, member of the Vermont House of Representatives (1995–2012). John A. Nerud, 102, American Thoroughbred horse trainer and owner. Harold Ousley, 86, American jazz saxophonist. 14 Dickinson R. Debevoise, 91, American judge, U. S. District Court Judge for New Jersey (1979–1994). Bob Farrell, 87, American restaurateur and motivational speaker, founder of Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour. Bob Johnston, 83, American record producer (Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen). Jazz Summers, 71, English music manager (Scissor Sisters, The Verve, Snow Patrol), lung cancer. 15 Julian Bond, 75, American civil rights activist and politician, chairman of the NAACP (1998–2010), complications of vascular disease. Bobby Culpepper, 74, American lawyer and politician. Doc Daugherty, 87, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers). Guy Garman, American physician and scuba diver, drowned. Gordy Holz, 82, American football player (Denver Broncos, New York Jets). Bill Kushner, 84, American poet. Danny Sembello, 52, American songwriter ("Neutron Dance") and record producer, drowned. Bud Thomas, 86, American baseball player (St. Louis Browns) 16 Jacob Bekenstein, 68, Mexican-born Israeli-American theoretical physicist. Melva Bucksbaum, 82, American art collector, bladder cancer. Emma Didlake, 110, American WWII soldier. Sylvia Hitchcock, 69, American model and beauty queen (Miss Universe 1967), cancer. David A. Prior, 59, American film director (Zombie Wars, Raw Justice, Deadly Prey). Lenny B. Robinson, 51, American Batman impersonator, traffic collision. Peter W. Schramm, 68, Hungarian-born American political scientist. Goldie Steinberg, 114, American supercentenarian, oldest verified Jewish person. 17 Yvonne Craig, 78, American actress (Batman, Star Trek, Olivia), breast cancer. Mike Gaechter, 75, American football player (Dallas Cowboys). 18 Karolyn Ali, 70, American film producer (Tupac: Resurrection). Kay McFarland, 80, American judge, Kansas Supreme Court Justice (1977–2009). Donald Eugene O'Brien, 91, American judge, U. S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of Iowa (1978–1990) and the Northern District, (1978–1992). Joe Skibinski, 86, American football player. William Jay Smith, 97, American poet. Louis Stokes, 90, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio (1969–1999), lung and brain cancer. Bud Yorkin, 89, American film and television director, producer (All in the Family, Maude, Sanford and Son) and actor. 19George Houser, 99, American Methodist minister and civil rights activist.Russell Poole, 58, American police detective (LAPD), heart attack.Leonard A. Sawyer, 90, American politician.20 D. Dudley Bloom, 92, American businessman.Kenneth Jennings, 90, American choral conductor and composer.Melody Patterson, 66, American actress (F Troop), multiple organ failure. Daniel Reimold, 34, American journalism professor (Saint Joseph's University), journalist (PBS MediaShift) and blogger. Harry Volkman, 89, American meteorologist, respiratory failure. 21 Jimmy Evert, 91, American tennis player and coach, Canadian Open champion (1947), pneumonia. Jimmy Massey, 85, American racing car driver Sasha Petraske, 42, American cocktail bar entrepreneur. Jere Ratcliffe, 78, American Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America (1993–2000). Ruth Sivard, 99, American economist, dementia. Toby Sheldon, 35, American television reality star (Botched, My Strange Addiction). 22 Keith K. Hilbig, 73, American Mormon general authority. Merl Reagle, 65, American crossword compiler (San Francisco Chronicle), acute pancreatitis. Stephen Rodefer, 74, American poet and painter. William L. Rowe, 84, American philosopher. Marion Boulton Stroud, 76, American museum director (The Fabric Workshop and Museum). Lou Tsioropoulos, 84, American basketball player (Boston Celtics). 23 Mark Costello, 59, American politician, Oklahoma Labor Commissioner (since 2011), stabbed.Helen Kemp, 97, American singing teacher and choir director. Grover Klemmer, 94, American athlete (California Golden Bears) and track coach (CCSF). 24 Marcy Borders, 42, American 9/11 survivor, subject of "Dust Lady" photograph, stomach cancer. Charlie Coffey, 81, American football player and coach (Virginia Tech Hokies), cancer. Bevo Nordmann, 75, American basketball player (Cincinnati Royals, St. Louis Hawks, New York Knicks), cancer. Nathan Rosenberg, 87, American economist. Gerhard Spiegler, 85, Lithuanian-born American academic. Joseph F. Traub, 83, American computer scientist. 25 Gaetano Aldo Donato, 74, American Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Newark (since 2004). James "Red" Duke, 86, American trauma surgeon. James L. Flanagan, 89, American electrical engineer, heart failure. Frank E. Petersen, 83, American military officer, lung cancer. 26 Amelia Boynton Robinson, 110, American civil rights activist, multiple strokes. Donald Eric Capps, 76, American theologian, traffic collision. Alison Parker, 24, American news reporter (WDBJ), shot. David M. Stanley, 86, American politician. Adam Ward, 27, American news cameraman (WDBJ) and photojournalist, shot. 27 George Cleve, 79, Austrian-born American musical conductor. Darryl Dawkins, 58, American basketball player (Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets), heart attack. James A. Hefner, 76, American educator, President of Tennessee State University (1991–2005), colon cancer. Gino Hollander, 91, American artist, heart attack. 28 Joan Lind, 62, American rower, two-time Olympic silver medalist (1976, 1984), cancer. Nelson Shanks, 77, American painter, cancer. 29 Endre Alexander Balazs, 95, Hungarian-born American ophthalmologist, stroke. William McCormick Blair, Jr., 98, American diplomat, Ambassador to Denmark (1961–1964) and the Philippines (1964–1967), hypertension. Wayne Dyer, 75, American self-help author and motivational speaker, leukemia. Joy Golden, 85, American advertising executive. Margaret Hurley, 105, American politician, member of the Washington House of Representatives (1953–1979) and Senate (1979–1984). Kyle Jean-Baptiste, 21, American theatre actor (Les Misérables), fall. Frankie Rivera, 38, American native rights activist, brain cancer. 30 Brad Anderson, 91, American cartoonist (Marmaduke). Charlie Carlson, 71, American novelist, actor and film producer. Wes Craven, 76, American film director, writer and producer (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Hills Have Eyes), brain cancer. Edward Fadeley, 85, American attorney and politician, heart failure. Marvin Mandel, 95, American politician, Governor of Maryland (1969–1979), Speaker of the House of Delegates (1964–1969). J. Donald Millar, 81, American physician and public-health official, kidney failure. Joshua Park, 38, American theater actor (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer). George Hamilton Pearce, 94, American-born Fijian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Suva (1967–1976). 31 Vera B. Rison, 76, American politician, member of the Michigan House of Representatives (1997-2003). Tom Scott, 84, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants).   July 1 Lawrence Herkimer, 89, American cheerleading innovator. Red Lane, 76, American country singer and songwriter ("'Til I Get It Right"). Dan Williams, 73, American politician, member of the Alabama House of Representatives (since 2010), leukemia. 2 David Aronson, 91, Lithuanian-born American painter. Roy C. Bennett, 96, American songwriter. Julius Duscha, 90, American journalist. Tom Longo, 73, American football player. Charlie Sanders, 68, American Hall of Fame football player (Detroit Lions), cancer. Jim Weaver, 70, American football player (Penn State) and coach (Iowa State), Virginia Tech Hokies Director of Athletics (1997–2014), Parkinson's disease. John Whitman, 71, American businessman and investment banker, First Gentleman of New Jersey (1994–2001), complications from a brain injury. 3 Steven Benson, 63, American convicted murderer. Diana Douglas, 92, Bermudian-American actress (The Indian Fighter, Days of Our Lives, Planes, Trains and Automobiles), cancer. Ralph Lamb, 88, American lawman, Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada (1961–1978), depicted in Vegas. Boyd K. Packer, 90, American apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President of the Quorum of the Twelve (since 2008). Amanda Peterson, 43, American actress (Can't Buy Me Love, Explorers). Gary Smith, American business analyst. Wayne Townsend, 89, American politician, Indiana State Senator (1970–1986). John A. Williams, 89, American writer. 4Dave Barber, 60, American talk radio and television host, stroke and heart attack. Scot Breithaupt, 57, American BMX cyclist. William Conrad Gibbons, 88, American historian, complications of a stroke. Charles Winick, 92, American anthropologist, sociologist and author. 5 James Bonard Fowler, 81, American policeman and convicted manslaughterer.Terence Kelshaw, 78, English-born American Episcopal prelate, Bishop of Rio Grande (1989–2004).James S. Marcus, 85, American philanthropist and investment banker.Yoichiro Nambu, 94, Japanese-born American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate. Burt Shavitz, 80, American beekeeper and businessman, co-founder of Burt's Bees. Jack Steadman, 86, American football executive (Kansas City Chiefs). Gordon Thompson, Jr., 85, American judge, cancer. Aaron E. Wasserman, 94, American food scientist. 6 Michael Birck, 77, American executive (Tellabs). Camille Bob, 77, American rhythm and blues singer, cancer. Raymond Dean, 68, American psychologist John Maxtone-Graham, 85, American maritime historian, respiratory failure. Daniel Quinn, 58/59, American actor (The Young and the Restless). Virginia Shehee, 91, American businesswoman and politician, member of the Louisiana State Senate (1976–1980). Jerry Weintraub, 77, American film producer (Ocean's Eleven, Diner, The Karate Kid), chairman and CEO of United Artists, heart attacks. 7 Leonard Bodack, 82, American politician.Bob MacKinnon, 87, American basketball coach (New Jersey Nets) and athletic director (Canisius Golden Griffins). Irwin Keyes, 63, American actor (House of 1000 Corpses, The Jeffersons, The Flintstones). Paul J. Lioy, 68, American environmental scientist. Dewitt Lowrey, 93, American WWII soldier. Ernie Maresca, 76, American songwriter ("Runaround Sue", "The Wanderer") and singer. Charles J. McCann, 89, American academic, president of The Evergreen State College. Ken Stabler, 69, American football player (Oakland Raiders), colon cancer. Harry Stowers, 89, American judge, member of the New Mexico Supreme Court (1982–1989). James Tate, 71, American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet. 9 Jim Bede, 82, American aircraft designer, aneurysm. Paul Gebhard, 98, American sexologist. C. Fred Jones, 85, American politician. Michael Masser, 74, American songwriter ("Saving All My Love for You", "Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)"), complications from a stroke. David M. Raup, 82, American paleontologist, pneumonia. 10 David Bowman, 82, American Episcopal prelate, Bishop of Western New York (1987-1998). Woody Bowman, 73, American politician, member of the Illinois House of Representatives (1977–1990), traffic collision. Hussein Fatal, 38, American rapper (Outlawz), traffic collision. Roger Rees, 71, Welsh-American actor (Cheers, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The West Wing), Tony Award winner (1982), stomach cancer. 11 Claudia Alexander, 56, Canadian-born American geophysicist and planetary scientist (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), breast cancer. Patricia Crone, 70, Danish-American historian and author (Hagarism), cancer. James U. Cross, 90, American military pilot (Air Force One), aide and author. Alfred E. France, 88, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (1963–1970), leukemia. Lawrence K. Karlton, 80, American federal judge, US District Court for Eastern California (1979–2015), complications from heart valve failure. Richard F. Kelly, 78, American politician, member of the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate. Thomas Piccirilli, 50, American writer, brain cancer. 12 D'Army Bailey, 73, American civil rights campaigner, judge and actor (The People vs. Larry Flynt), founder of the National Civil Rights Museum, cancer. JaJuan Dawson, 37, American football player (Cleveland Browns), drowned. Mahlon Duckett, 92, American baseball player (Philadelphia Stars). Helen F. Holt, 101, American politician, Secretary of State of West Virginia (1957–1959), member of the West Virginia House of Delegates (1955–1957), heart failure. Buddy Lively, 90, American baseball player (Cincinnati Reds). 13 14 George Gardner Fagg, 81, American federal judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit (1982–2006). Marlene Sanders, 84, American television news executive (ABC World News Tonight, CBS News) and journalist, cancer. Dave Somerville, 81, Canadian-American singer (The Diamonds), cancer. 15 Alan Curtis, 80, American harpsichordist, conductor and scholar.Howard Rumsey, 97, American modern jazz double bassist, bandleader and nightclub owner.Fred Wendorf, 90, American archaeologist.16 John H. Gibbons, 86, American scientist, Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (1993-1998). Alan Kupperberg, 62, American comic book artist (The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man), thymus cancer.W. Wilbert Welch, 97, American theologian. Milton L. Wood, 92, American Episcopal prelate, Bishop Suffragan of Atlanta (1967-1974). 17 Bill Arnsparger, 88, American football coach (New York Giants, LSU Tigers) and athletic director (University of Florida), heart attack.Murray Feingold, 84, American physician and medical journalist. Francis P. Filice, 92, American priest and academic.Duff Holbrook, 92, American biologist and outdoorsman, designer of rocket net for use in hunting. William C. Kuebler, 44, American military officer, appointed lawyer for Omar Khadr, cancer. Van Miller, 87, American football announcer (Buffalo Bills).18 Buddy Buie, 74, American songwriter ("Spooky", "Traces"), heart attack. George Coe, 86, American actor (Kramer vs. Kramer, The Mighty Ducks, Archer). Neal Falls, 45, American murder suspect. Alex Rocco, 79, American actor (The Godfather, The George Carlin Show, The Facts of Life), Emmy winner (1990), cancer.Brock Winkless, 56, American puppeteer (Child's Play, Tales from the Crypt, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid) and visual effects technician (Terminator 2: Judgment Day).19 Van Alexander, 100, American big band leader, songwriter-arranger ("A-Tisket, A-Tasket"), film and television composer (I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Donna Reed Show), heart failure. Douglas S. Cook, 56, American screenwriter (The Rock, Double Jeopardy).Josh Greenberg, 28, American technology executive, co-founder of Grooveshark.Carmino Ravosa, 85, American composer and lyricist.Mildred Joanne Smith, 94, American actress (No Way Out) and educator, survivor of National Airlines Flight 101 crash. 20 George Bon Salle, 80, American basketball player. Wayne Carson, 72, American songwriter ("The Letter", "Always on My Mind", "Neon Rainbow").Sally Gross, 81, American dancer and choreographer.Tom Moore, 86, American cartoonist (Archie), throat cancer.21 Mitch Aliotta, 71, American musician (Rotary Connection, Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah). Theodore Bikel, 91, Austrian-born American actor (The Defiant Ones, My Fair Lady, Fiddler on the Roof), folk singer and composer William R. Dickinson, 83, American geoscientist, member of the National Academy of Sciences. E. L. Doctorow, 84, American author (Ragtime, Billy Bathgate, The March), complications from lung cancer. Buddy Emmons, 78, American steel guitarist. Paul Freeman, 79, American music conductor, founder of Chicago Sinfonietta. Nicholas Gonzalez, 67, American physician known for alternative cancer treatments. Anthony Megale, 61, American mobster.James F. Rothenberg, 69, American financial executive, chairman of the Capital Group, heart attack. 22 Herschal Crow, 80, American politician, member of the Oklahoma Senate (1969–1982) and Secretary of Transportation (2001–2003), complications following hip surgery. Christopher M. Fairman, 54, American legal scholar (Fuck: Word Taboo and Protecting Our First Amendment Liberties), cardiac arrest. Marilyn C. Jones, 88, American baseball player (AAGBPL). Don Joyce, 71, American musician (Negativland) and radio personality (Over the Edge), heart failure. Daron Norwood, 49, American country music singer. 23 William Wakefield Baum, 88, American Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Washington (1973–1980), Cardinal (1976–2015). Francis Guess, 69, American civil rights advocate and public servant, member of the U. S. Civil Rights Commission (1983–1989). Don Oberdorfer, 84, American journalist and author, Alzheimer's disease. James L. White, 67, American screenwriter (Ray), complications from pancreatic cancer. 24 Peg Lynch, 98, American comedy writer and actress (Ethel and Albert). Jim Mitchell, 69, American state district court judge and horse breeder. Dale Sturtz, 77, American politician, member of the Indiana House of Representatives (1992–2002). 25 Bob Kauffman, 69, American basketball player and coach. Scott Sims, 59, American veterinarian and television personality, bladder cancer. Joseph Skerrett, 72, American literary critic. 26 Richard Bass, 85, American ski executive and mountaineer, co-founder of Snowbird Ski Resort, first person to climb the Seven Summits, pulmonary fibrosis Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, American media personality and singer. Vic Firth, 85, American musician and percussion mallet manufacturer, pancreatic cancer. Mike Kostiuk, 95, Canadian-born American football player (Cleveland Rams, Detroit Lions), heart failure. Robert Mosher, 94, American architect (San Diego–Coronado Bridge). Ann Rule, 83, American true crime author (The Stranger Beside Me), heart failure. Joe Williams, 56, American film critic (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), traffic collision. 27 Tom Boyd, 86, American politician, member of the Idaho House of Representatives (1977–1992). Rickey Grundy, 56, American gospel musician.Clyde M. Narramore, 98, American author and psychologist. Samuel Pisar, 86, Polish-born American lawyer, writer and Holocaust survivor, pneumonia. 28 James H. Allen, 87, American clown and children's television personality, heart failure. Rip Hawkins, 76, American football player (Minnesota Vikings), Lewy body dementia. James Jude, 87, American thoracic surgeon, developer of CPR, neurological disorder. Carolyn Kaelin, 54, American cancer surgeon, cancer. Fred Otnes, 89, American artist. Shawn Robinson, 41, American stunt performer (Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers, Hook).Jack Boynton Strong, 85, American politician, member of the Texas Senate (1963–1971), Alzheimer's disease. 29 Harry B. Brock, Jr., 90, American banker.Mike Pyle, 76, American football player (Chicago Bears), 1963 NFL Champion, brain hemorrhage. Jemera Rone, 71, American human rights activist, ovarion cancer. Franklin H. Westervelt, 85, American computer scientist. 30 Lynn Anderson, 67, American country singer ("Rose Garden"), heart attack.Harry Gast, 94, American politician, member of the Michigan Senate (1979–2002) Kenneth Irby, 78, American poet.Francis Paul Prucha, 94, American historian. Louis Sokoloff, 93, American neuroscientist. John Weinert, 83, American college basketball coach (Bowling Green Falcons). Ernst K. Zinner, 78, Austrian-born American astrophysicist. 31 Charles P. Bowers, 86, American baseball scout (Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies), Parkinson's disease. Curtis Brown, 60, American football player (Buffalo Bills), heart attack. Alan Cheuse, 75, American writer and critic, traffic collision. Robert Hemenway, 73, American educator, Chancellor of the University of Kansas (1995–2009). Howard W. Jones, 104, American physician, IVF pioneer, respiratory failure. Gerald S. O'Loughlin, 93, American actor (The Rookies, In Cold Blood, Ice Station Zebra). Billy Pierce, 88, American baseball player (Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, San Francisco Giants), gallbladder cancer Richard Schweiker, 89, American politician, Secretary of HHS (1981–1983), Senator from Pennsylvania (1969–1981), U.S. Representative from Penn 13th district (1961–1969), infection. W. Eugene Wilson, 86, American politician.   June 1Katherine Chappell, 29, American visual effects editor (Game of Thrones, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Godzilla), lion attack. Jon Hensley, 31, American radio personality. Buck Moyer, 94, American Lutheran pastor, Bishop of the Virginia Synod (1976–1987).Sonya Rapoport, 92, American conceptual and digital artist, pancreatic cancer. Jean Ritchie, 92, American folk singer and song collector. Tommy Rogers, 54, American professional wrestler (The Fantastics). Andy Scrivani, 98, American Olympic boxer (1936). Dolores Richard Spikes, 78, American mathematician. Robert K. Zukowski, 85, American farmer and politician. 2Ortho R. Fairbanks, 90, American sculptor. Gene Maddox, 76, American politician, Mayor of Clive, Iowa (1977–1992), member of the Iowa General Assembly (1993–2007). Gordon S. Marshall, 95, American electronics entrepreneur and philanthropist. John Mellekas, 81, American football player (Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles). Irwin Rose, 88, American biologist, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry (2004). Shockley Shoemake, 92, American politician. Carmine Vingo, 85, American heavyweight boxer. Charls Walker, 91, American economist and lobbyist. Stephen Wojdak, 76, American lobbyist and politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1969–1976), respiratory failure. 3 Bevo Francis, 82, American college basketball player (Rio Grande College) Margaret Juntwait, 58, American radio broadcaster, host of Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts (2004–2014), ovarian cancer. Eugene Kennedy, 86, American psychologist and theologian. Bud Kraehling, 96, American journalist and weatherman, cancer. 4 Wayne Harris, 77, American Hall of Fame CFL football player (Calgary Stampeders). Jabe Thomas, 85, American racecar driver (NASCAR), complications from Parkinson's Disease. 5 Jane Briggs Hart, 93, American aviator, member of the Mercury 13, founding member of NOW, Alzheimer's disease. Worth McMillion, 88, American racing car driver. Paul A. Miller, 98, American academic, President of the Rochester Institute of Technology (1969–1979). Irving Mondschein, 91, American athlete and coach. Seth Winston, 64, American screenwriter and director (She's Out of Control, Session Man), Oscar winner (1992). 6 Aarthi Agarwal, 31, American Telugu cinema actress, heart attack. Vincent Bugliosi, 80, American attorney and author (Helter Skelter), cancer. Ronnie Gilbert, 88, American singer-songwriter (The Weavers) and actress (Running on Empty). Nyla Murphy, 83, American politician, cancer. Steve Pritko, 94, American football player (Cleveland Rams). 7 Robert K. Casey, 83, American physician and politician. Jimmy Goins, 66, American tribal politician, Chairman of the Lumbee Tribe (2004–2010), traffic collision. Hamid Golpira, 55, American-born Iranian journalist, lung cancer. Harold LeDoux, 88, American cartoonist (Judge Parker). 8 Paul Bacon, 91, American book and album cover designer and jazz musician. Frank Cappuccino, 86, American boxing referee, Alzheimer's disease. Mervin Field, 94, American opinion pollster Elizabeth Peet McIntosh, 100, American spy, heart attack. Lynn Miles, 71, American human rights and Taiwan democracy activist, cancer. 9 Larry Eschen, 94, American baseball player (Philadelphia Athletics). Vincent Musetto, 74, American film critic (New York Post), pancreatic cancer. Pumpkinhead, 39, American rapper. Alvin J. Salkind, 87, American chemical engineer. 10 Robert Chartoff, 81, American film producer (Rocky, Raging Bull, Ender's Game), Oscar winner (1977), pancreatic cancer. Esther Harrison, 69, American politician, member of the Mississippi House of Representatives for the 41st District (since 2001). Judith St. George, 84, American author (So You Want to Be President?). 11 Jim Ed Brown, 81, American country singer (The Browns), lung cancer.Ornette Coleman, 85, American saxophonist and free jazz pioneer. Jack King, 84, American public affairs officer (NASA), heart failure.David Premack, 89, American psychologist (Premack's principle). Dusty Rhodes, 69, American professional wrestler, booker (NWA, WCW, WWE) and promoter (TCW), Hall of Fame (2007, 2010), kidney failure. 12 Monica Lewis, 93, American singer and actress (Earthquake), voice of Chiquita Banana (since 1947). Frederick Pei Li, 75, Chinese-born American physician, Alzheimer's disease. Thomas Mayer, 88, American economist. Patrick Lennox Tierney, 101, American art historian and Japanologist. 13 Big Time Sarah, 62, American blues singer. Buddy Boudreaux, 97, American jazz saxophonist and band leader. David C. Richardson, 101, American navy vice admiral. Walter Scheib, 61, American chef, White House Executive Chef (1994–2005), drowning. George Winslow, 69, American child actor (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, My Pal Gus), heart attack. 14Bob Bedell, 70, American basketball player. John Carroll, 73, American newspaper editor (Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun), Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. Anne Nicol Gaylor, 88, American atheism and reproductive rights advocate, co-founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, complications from a fall. David Kennedy, 73, American film producer. Hilary Masters, 87, American author. Peter Prier, 73, German-born American violin maker. 15 Alan Caruba, 77, American writer and public relations counselor. Elisabeth Elliot, 88, American missionary and author. Daniel W. Gade, 78, American geographer. Kirk Kerkorian, 98, American businessman. Mighty Sam McClain, 72, American soul blues singer, stroke. Jesús Moroles, 64, American sculptor, traffic collision. Blaze Starr, 83, American stripper, burlesque comedienne and club owner, subject of Blaze. 16 Stephen Blauner, 81, American manager and producer. Rosalind McGee, 77, American politician, member of the Utah House of Representatives (2003–2008). William Pajaud, 89, American artist. 17 Chang Ch'ung-ho, 101, Chinese-born American poet, calligrapher, and Kunqu opera singer.John David Crow, 79, American Heisman Trophy-winning football player (Texas A&M, Chicago/St. Louis Cardinals) and coach (Northeast Louisiana).Nelson Doubleday, Jr., 81, American publisher (Doubleday) and Major League Baseball team owner (New York Mets), pneumonia.Noah Hutchings, 92, American fundamentalist evangelist and radio personality.James B. Lee, Jr., 62, American investment banker, heart attack.Clementa C. Pinckney, 41, American politician and pastor, member of the South Carolina House of Representatives (1997–2000) and Senate (since 2000), shot.Jeralean Talley, 116, American supercentenarian, world's oldest living person. 18 Edward J. Boling, 95, American academic. Frances Kroll Ring, 99, American secretary and editor. Ralph J. Roberts, 95, American businessman, founder of Comcast. Jack Rollins, 100, American film producer (Annie Hall, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Irrational Man). John M. Stephens, 82, American cameraman (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) and cinematographer (Blacula, Sorcerer). Jim Vandiver, 75, American racing driver. Danny Villanueva, 77, American football player (Los Angeles Rams, Dallas Cowboys) and broadcasting executive, co-founder of Univision, complications from a stroke. Allen Weinstein, 77, American historian, Archivist of the United States (2005–2008), pneumonia. 19 Jack Aeby, 91, American photographer. Phil Austin, 74, American comedian, writer, and musician (Firesign Theatre). Harold Battiste, 83, American jazz and R&B composer, arranger and musician (Sam Cooke, Sonny & Cher, Dr. John).[309] Jeff Bradstreet, 60, American medical researcher.[311] Esther Clenott, 91, American politician, Mayor of Portland, Maine (1989–1990). Len Matarazzo, 86, American baseball player (Philadelphia Athletics). Earl Norem, 91, American comic book artist (Silver Surfer, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe). Rondal Partridge, 97, American photographer. Bruce Poulton, 88, American educator, Chancellor of North Carolina State University (1982–1989). James Salter, 90, American novelist. 20 Robert K. Abbett, 89, American artist and illustrator. William Brantley Aycock, 99, American educator, fall. Bob Barry, Jr., 58, American sportscaster (KFOR), traffic collision. JoAnn Dean Killingsworth, 91, American actress and dancer (Lullaby of Broadway, Red Garters), first person to play Snow White at Disneyland, cancer. Harold Feinstein, 84, American photographer. Elson Floyd, 59, American educator, President of Washington State University (since 2007), complications from colon cancer. James Kerzman, 68, American politician, member of the North Dakota House of Representatives (1991–2009), tractor accident. Robert S. Neuman, 88, American abstract painter and print maker. Miriam Schapiro, 91, Canadian-born American painter, sculptor and printmaker. Anthony Sydes, 74, American child actor (Miracle on 34th Street, Cheaper by the Dozen, Johnny Comes Flying Home). 21 Cora Combs, 92, American professional wrestler. Darryl Hamilton, 50, American baseball player (Milwaukee Brewers), shot. John Hoerr, 84, American journalist and historian. Roger Ishee, 85, American politician, member of the Mississippi House of Representatives (1997–2012). Tony Longo, 53, American actor (Mulholland Drive, Angels in the Outfield, Eraser). Gunther Schuller, 89, American composer, conductor, historian and jazz musician, leukemia. Lynn Steen, 74, American mathematician. 22 Joseph de Pasquale, 95, American violist. Armand DiMele, 75, American psychotherapist and radio broadcaster. Albert Evans, 46, American ballet dancer. Don Featherstone, 79, American artist and inventor of the plastic pink flamingo, Lewy body dementia. James Horner, 61, American composer (Titanic, Field of Dreams, Apollo 13), Oscar winner (1998), plane crash. David E. Kyvig, 71, American Constitutional scholar, heart attack. Buddy Landel, 53, American professional wrestler (SMW, USWA, WCW). Robert Sowell, 54, American football player (Miami Dolphins). Dick Stanfel, 87, American football player (Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins) and coach (New Orleans Saints). 23 Sharon Bryant, 54, American tribal politician, Chief of the Monacan Indian Nation (since 2011), liver cancer. Tommy Hudspeth, 83, American football coach and administrator (Detroit Lions, Toronto Argonauts), cancer. Pat Peppler, 93, American football coach and executive (Atlanta Falcons). Harvey Pollack, 93, American sport statistician, last surviving employee from first NBA season. Lonnie Spurrier, 83, American Olympic middle-distance runner (1956). Tom Stagg, 92, American judge, U.S. District Court Chief Judge for the Western District of Louisiana (1984–1991). Dick Van Patten, 86, American actor (Eight Is Enough, Spaceballs, Robin Hood: Men in Tights), complications from diabetes. 24 Mario Biaggi, 97, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York (1969–1988). Walter Browne, 66, Australian-born American chess Grandmaster, six-time U.S. champion. Marva Collins, 78, American educator. Susan Ahn Cuddy, 100, American Navy officer. E L Short, 89, American farmer, politician and businessman, member of the Texas House of Representatives (1969–1979) and Senate (1979–1983). 25 Lou Butera, 78, American pool player. Hal Gould, 95, American photographer and gallery curator. Maravene Loeschke, 68, American college administrator (Towson University), adrenal cancer. Patrick Macnee, 93, English-American actor (The Avengers, This Is Spinal Tap, A View to a Kill). Theodore Weesner, 79, American author. O'Kelley Whitaker, 88, American prelate, Episcopal Bishop of Central New York. 26 Damion Cook, 36, American football player (Detroit Lions), heart attack. Jerome M. Hughes, 85, American politician, President of the Minnesota Senate (1983–1993).Richard Matt, 49, American convicted murderer and prison escapee, shot.Kal Segrist, 84, American baseball player (New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles).Alexa Suelzer, 97, American author, educator and theologian. Chris Thompson, 63, American writer and producer (Laverne & Shirley, Bosom Buddies, Shake It Up!) David Turner, 91, American rower, Olympic gold medalist (1948). Donald Wexler, 89, American architect. 27 Jane Aaron, 67, American filmmaker and children's book illustrator (Sesame Street, Between the Lions), cancer. 28 Pete Athas, 67, American football player (New York Giants), lymphoma. Robert C. Broward, 89, American architect. Jack Carter, 93, American comedian (Cavalcade of Stars) and actor (Dr. Kildare, Alligator), respiratory failure. Thomas P. Kennedy, 63, American politician. Sivuqaq, 21, American walrus and animal actor (50 First Dates), heart failure. Ben J. Wattenberg, 81, American author and political commentator, complications from surgery. Bart Williams, 65, American documentary filmmaker and actor (MADtv), cancer. 29 Forrest Behm, 95, American football player. Willie Daniel, 77, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Rams). Glenn Ford, 65, American exonerated prisoner, wrongly convicted of murder, lung cancer. Jackson Vroman, 34, American-Lebanese basketball player (Phoenix Suns, New Orleans Hornets, Lebanese national team). 30 Charles W. Bagnal, 81, American Army lieutenant general. Robert Dewar, 70, English-born American computer scientist (AdaCore). Charles Harbutt, 79, American photographer. Leonard Starr, 89, American cartoonist (ThunderCats).   May 1 Stephen Milburn Anderson, 67, American film director, writer and producer, throat cancer.Pete Brown, 80, American professional golfer.Blanche Cobb, 114, American supercentenarian.Harry Geisinger, 81, American politician, member of the Georgia House of Representatives (1969–1974, since 2005), leukemia.\ Dave Goldberg, 47, American executive (SurveyMonkey, LAUNCH Media), head trauma from treadmill fall.Leonard Haber, 82, American psychologist, politician and radio show host, Mayor of Miami Beach, Florida (1977–1979). John Hansen, 97, American politician. Phyllis Rutledge, 83, American politician, member of the West Virginia House of Delegates (1968–1972, 1988–1994).Grace Lee Whitney, 85, American actress (Star Trek, Irma la Douce, Some Like It Hot). 2 Michael Blake, 69, American author and screenwriter (Dances with Wolves). Guy Carawan, 87, American folk singer and civil rights activist. Philip S. Goodman, 89, American director, screenwriter and producer (We Shall Return, Profiles in Courage). Frank Snow, 74, American politician, lung cancer. Norman Thaddeus Vane, 86, American screenwriter and film director (Frightmare). 3 Thomas A. Constantine, 76, American police superintendent, Administrator for the Drug Enforcement Administration (1994–1999). Harry Martin, 95, American judge. Warren Smith, 99, American professional golfer. Tung Jeong, 84, Chinese-born American physicist. 4 William Bast, 84, American screenwriter and author, Alzheimer's disease. Ellen Albertini Dow, 101, American actress (The Wedding Singer, Patch Adams, Wedding Crashers), pneumonia. Marv Hubbard, 68, American football player (Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions), prostate cancer. Joshua Ozersky, 47, American food writer. James Ritter, 84, American politician. Wes Schuck, 40, American film and music producer, colon cancer. 5 Jobst Brandt, 80, American author and cyclist. Craig Gruber, 63, American rock musician (Rainbow, Bible Black, Raven Lord), prostate cancer. Oscar Holderer, 95, German-born American engineer, worked on Saturn V project. Bruce G. Lindsay, 68, American statistician, cancer. 6 Richard J. Bartlett, 89, American legislator, New York State Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts (1974–1979). William Bronder, 84, American actor (Stand by Me, CHiPs). Jerome Cooper, 68, American jazz drummer, multiple myeloma. Denise McCluggage, 88, American racing car driver and journalist. Anson D. Shupe, 67, American sociologist. Jim Wright, 92, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas's 12th district (1955–1989), Speaker of the House (1987–1989). 7 Joey Brush, 59, American politician, member of the Georgia State Senate (1996–2004), traffic collision. Frank DiPascali, 58, American financier and fraudster, lung cancer. Thomas F. Lamb, 92, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania Senate (1969–1974) and House of Representatives (1959–1966). Gilbert Lewis, 74, American actor (Pee-wee's Playhouse, Don Juan DeMarco, Candyman). 8 Chuck Dow, 83, American politician, member of the Maine House of Representatives (1971–1980) and Senate (1983–1990). Thomas Herlihy, 58, American politician, State Senator for Connecticut's 8th District (1999–2009). W. Winfred Moore, 95, American pastor. 9 Russell Dermond, 78, American Olympic sprint canoer (1956). Edward W. Estlow, 95, American football player, journalist and businessman (E. W. Scripps Company). Johnny Gimble, 88, American country music fiddler. Elizabeth Wilson, 94, American actress (The Birds, The Graduate, 9 to 5), Tony Award winner (1972). 10 Jerry Dior, 82, American graphic designer, creator of the Major League Baseball logo, colorectal cancer. Donald Neff, 84, American journalist and author, coronary heart disease and diabetes. James F. Rinehart, 64, American academic. Rachel Rosenthal, 88, French-born American performance artist, heart failure. Victor Salvi, 95, American-born Italian harpist and harp maker. Davey Whitney, 85, American Hall of Fame basketball coach (Alcorn State). 11 Maggie Black, 85, American ballet instructor, heart failure. Donna Jean Christianson, 83, American politician, cancer. Stan Cornyn, 81, American record label executive. Bob Light, 88, American college basketball coach (Appalachian State). Leonardo Neher, 92, American diplomat. Glen Orbik, 51, American artist. Richard W. Winder, 91, American LDS church elder. 12 Tony Ayala, Jr., 52, American light middleweight boxer. John Colenback, 79, American actor (As the World Turns). Peter Gay, 91, German-born American historian. Bill Guthridge, 77, American college basketball coach (University of North Carolina). Rachel Jacobs, 39, American entrepreneur, injuries sustained in a train derailment. Bobby Jameson, 70, American pop singer and songwriter. Syd Lieberman, 71, American storyteller. Anthony C. Yu, 76, American translator (Journey to the West) and literature scholar, heart failure. William Zinsser, 92, American writer. 13 Earl Averill, Jr., 83, American baseball player (Los Angeles Angels, Chicago Cubs). Kathryn I. Bowers, 72, American politician, member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1995–2005) and Senate (2005–2007). Gill Dennis, 74, American screenwriter (Walk the Line, Return to Oz). Robert Drasnin, 87, American composer and clarinet player, complications from a fall. Joseph Fidel, 91, American politician. Ed Fouhy, 80, American journalist and television news executive (ABC, CBS, NBC), complications from cancer. George W. Haley, 89, American politician and diplomat. Stanley Sproul, 95, American politician, Mayor of Augusta, Maine (1971–1974), member of the Maine House of Representatives (1973–1974). 14 James H. Andreasen, 83, American judge. B.B. King, 89, American Hall of Fame blues guitarist, singer and songwriter ("The Thrill Is Gone"), complications from Alzheimer's disease. Thomas Lothian, 86, American politician and academic.Stanton J. Peale, 78, American astrophysicist. Mariana Pfaelzer, 89, American federal judge, U.S. District Court Judge for the Central District of California (1978–1997). Franz Wright, 62, American poet. 15 Ortheia Barnes, 70, American R&B and jazz singer, heart failure. Jackie Brookner, 69, American artist, cancer. Michael Campus, 80, American director, producer, and screenwriter (The Mack).Alfred DelBello, 80, American politician, Lieutenant Governor of New York (1983–1985), Westchester County Executive (1974–1982), Mayor of Yonkers, New York (1970–1974).Corey Hill, 36, American mixed martial artist (UFC), collapsed lung and heart attack. Bob Hopkins, 80, American basketball player (Syracuse Nationals) and coach (Seattle SuperSonics), heart and kidney failure.John Lo Schiavo, 90, American Jesuit and educator, President of University of San Francisco (1977–1991). John Stephenson, 91, American voice actor (The Flintstones, Dragnet, Jonny Quest), Alzheimer's disease. James Takemori, 89, American judo coach. Donald Wrye, 77, American film director (Ice Castles). Garo Yepremian, 70, Cypriot-born American football player (Miami Dolphins), brain cancer. 16 Jackie Basehart, 63, American-born Italian actor (The Inglorious Bastards). Prashant Bhargava, 42, American filmmaker, cardiac arrest. Nelson Doi, 93, American politician, Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii (1974–1978).Dean Potter, 43, American rock climber, BASE-jumping accident. Adrian Robinson, 25, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers, Temple Owls), suicide by hanging.John Templeton, Jr., 75, American physician and philanthropist, brain cancer. 17Chinx, 31, American rapper, shot. Margaret Dunning, 104, American philanthropist, fall.Nancy Masterton, 84, American politician, member of the Maine House of Representatives. Michael Alfred Peszke, 83, Polish-born American psychiatrist and historian. S. W. Schmitthenner, 87, American missionary, President of Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church (1969–1981). Tranquility Bass, 47, American hip-hop musician. 18 Helen Davis, 88, American politician, member of the Florida House of Representatives and Senate.Dick Mountjoy, 83, American politician, Mayor of Monrovia, California (1968–1976), member of the California State Assembly (1978–1995) and Senate (1995–2000), heart attack. T. J. Moran, 84, American restaurateur and philanthropist. Eli M. Pearce, 86, American chemist. Elbert West, 47, American country music singer-songwriter ("Sticks and Stones"). 19Edmond J. Gong, 84, American politician, member of the Florida House of Representatives (1963–1966) and Senate (1967–1971).[297]Bruce Lundvall, 79, American record executive (Blue Note Records), complications of Parkinson's disease.[300]Dale D. Myers, 93, American aerospace engineer, Deputy Administrator of NASA (1986–1989).[304]Happy Rockefeller, 88, American socialite and philanthropist, Second Lady of the United States (1974–1977), First Lady of New York (1963–1973).[306]20 Billy Baggett, 85, American football player (Dallas Texans). Bob Belden, 58, American musician, heart attack. Bob Priestley, 95, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles). Mary Ellen Trainor, 62, American actress (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, The Goonies), pancreatic cancer. 21 Fred Gladding, 78, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros). Louis Johnson, 60, American bassist (The Brothers Johnson, Michael Jackson). James McDuffie, 85, American politician, member of the North Carolina Senate (1975–1987). Marty Pasetta, 82, American television producer and director, traffic collision. Ellen Tronnier, 87, American baseball player (South Bend Blue Sox). 22 Albert Baciocco, 84, American admiral.Marques Haynes, 89, American Hall of Fame basketball player (Harlem Globetrotters). Kevin Hunt, 66, American football player. John Mosley, 93, American football player (Colorado A&M Aggies) and WWII RAF officer (Tuskegee Airmen). Aminah Robinson, 75, American artist. Byron Sherwin, 69, American rabbi and theology scholar. Tiffany Two, 27, American cat, world's oldest 23Hugh Ambrose, 48, American historian and author (The Pacific), cancer. Leo Berman, 79, American businessman and politician, member of the Texas House of Representatives (1999–2013), lymphoma John Carter, 87, American actor (Barnaby Jones, Scarface, Law & Order), pneumonia. Boody Gilbertson, 93, American basketball player (Sheboygan Red Skins) Andy Hess, 91, American politician. Anne Meara, 85, American comedian (Stiller and Meara) and actress (Archie Bunker's Place, The King of Queens). Alicia Nash, 82, Salvadorian-born American socialite and mental health care advocate, traffic collision. John Forbes Nash, Jr., 86, American mathematician, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economics (1994), subject of A Beautiful Mind, traffic collision. Joseph Velikonja, 92, Slovene-born American geographer. 24 Marcus Belgrave, 78, American jazz trumpeter, heart failure.John H. Kerr, III, 79, American politician. Daniel Meltzer, 63, American lawyer, legal adviser to Barack Obama, cancer.Michael W. Ryan, 66, American convicted murderer.25 Garland Bayliss, 90, American historian. Mary Ellen Mark, 75, American photographer, myelodysplastic syndrome. John M. Murphy, 88, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York's 16th (1963–1973) and 17th (1973–1981) districts. Wallace Sampson, 85, American critic of alternative medicine. 26 Walter Byers, 93, American college athletics executive (NCAA), urinary tract infection. Harold F. Clayton, 61, American sculptor, lung cancer Leo Drey, 98, American timber magnate. Rocky Frisco, 77, American pianist (JJ Cale Band). Franklin P. Hall, 76, American politician, member of the Virginia House of Delegates (1976–2009). Robert Kraft, 87, American astronomer. Edward Moylan, 91, American tennis player. Art Thieme, 73, American folk musician. Dayton Waller, 90, American politician, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives for Shreveport (1968–1972). 27Cotton Coulson, 63, American filmmaker and photographer (National Geographic). Bill Foster, 79, American college basketball coach (Miami Hurricanes, Clemson Tigers, Virginia Tech Hokies), Parkinson's disease. S. Parker Gilbert, 81, American financier, President of Morgan Stanley (1983–1990). Irvine B. Hill, 87, American politician, Mayor of Norfolk, Virginia (1974–1976). Michael Martin, 83, American philosopher. John Miller, 81, American football player (Washington Redskins). William Newman, 80, American actor (Mrs. Doubtfire, The Tick), vascular dementia. John Siegal, 97, American football player (Chicago Bears). 28 John Buckner, 67, American politician, member of the Colorado House of Representatives (since 2013), sarcoidosis. Steven Gerber, 66, American composer. Skeeter Kell, 85, American baseball player (Philadelphia Athletics). Ray Kennedy, 58, American jazz pianist, multiple sclerosis. Robert S. Morse, 90, American prelate, Archbishop of the Anglican Province of Christ the King. Reynaldo Rey, 75, American actor and comedian (227, Friday, White Men Can't Jump), stroke. 29 Arthur Bourns, 95, American chemist, President of McMaster University (1972–1980). Henry Carr, 73, American track and field athlete, Olympic champion (1964), cancer. Doris Hart, 89, American Hall of Fame tennis player. Tom Jones, 72, American racing driver.Rashid Massumi, 89, Iranian-born American cardiologist.Betsy Palmer, 88, American actress (I've Got a Secret, Mister Roberts, Friday the 13th).30Jim Bailey, 77, American singer, actor and impressionist (Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand). Beau Biden, 46, American politician, Attorney General of Delaware (2007–2015), brain cancer.John L. Lumley, 84, American professor of aerospace engineering, brain cancer.Lennie Merullo, 98, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs).L. Tom Perry, 92, American apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, thyroid cancer. Michael Collins Piper, 54, American talk radio host and conspiracy theorist.Alvin P. Wegeman, 88, American nordic combined skier. 31 Nico Castel, 83, Portuguese-born American tenor. Will Holt, 86, American songwriter ("Lemon Tree") and playwright (Over Here!), Alzheimer's disease. Jonathan Howes, 78, American politician, Secretary of the NCDENR (1992–1997), Mayor of Chapel Hill, North Carolina (1987–1991), heart disease. Pat Petersen, 55, American marathon runner, pancreatic cancer.Slim Richey, 77, American guitarist, lymphoma.   April 1 Peter Diamandopoulos, 86, Greek-born American academic, President of Adelphi University (1985–1997). John Paul Hammerschmidt, 92, American politician, member of the United States House of Representatives from Arkansas's 3rd district (1967–1993), heart and respiratory failure. Eddie LeBaron, 85, American football player (Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys). Raul Loya, 76, American workers' rights activist. J. D. Smith, 83, American football player (San Francisco 49ers). Joseph Sweda, 89, American politician. Robert Walker, 54, Canadian-born American animator and director (Aladdin, Brother Bear, Mulan, The Lion King), heart attack. 2 Paule Anglim, 92, Canadian-born American art dealer (Gallery Paule Anglim). Linsey Berardi, 22, American TV personality.Wally Cassell, 103, Italian-born American actor (White Heat).William Benedict Friend, 83, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Alexandria-Shreveport (1982–1986) and Shreveport (1986–2006). Robert Blair Kaiser, 84, American journalist. Norman H. Nie, 72, American social scientist, lung cancer. Joseph L. Reid, 92, American oceanographer. Doug Sax, 79, American audio mastering engineer, cancer. Robert H. Schuller, 88, American televangelist (Hour of Power). Tom Towles, 65, American actor (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Miami Vice, The Rock). 3 Milton Berkes, 90, American politician. Sarah Brady, 73, American gun control campaigner, pneumonia. Bob Burns, 64, American drummer (Lynyrd Skynyrd), traffic collision. Sam Cathcart, 90, American football player (San Francisco 49ers), cancer. John Darnton, 96, American football coach (Adrian Bulldogs). Michael Jandreau, 71, American Native leader, chairman of the Lower Brulé Sioux tribe, pneumonia and heart disease. Terdell Middleton, 59, American football player (Green Bay Packers). Vivian Nathan, 98, American actress (Klute). Charlie Sumner, 84, American football player. 4Donald N. Levine, 83, American sociologist. Ira Lewis, 82, American actor and playwright (Chinese Coffee), complications following open heart surgery. Lisa Simon, 64, American director, producer and production assistant (Sesame Street, Wonder Pets, Blue Jasmine). Marjorie Townsend, 85, American electrical engineer. Dick Wood, 79, American football player (New York Jets). 5 Barbara Bergmann, 87, American feminist economist. Fredric Brandt, 65, American dermatologist, suicide by hanging. Hugh Delano, 81, American sports journalist. Richard Dysart, 86, American character actor (L.A. Law, Wall Street, The Thing).Victor Gotbaum, 93, American labor leader, heart attack.Richard LaSalle, 97, American film score composer.Norman B. Leventhal, 97, American property developer. Don Looney, 98, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers) John Patton, 84, American politician.Lon Simmons, 91, American sports broadcaster.Gardner C. Taylor, 96, American preacher and civil rights activist Julie Wilson, 90, American singer and actress, stroke complications.6 James Best, 88, American actor (The Dukes of Hazzard, Ride Lonesome, The Twilight Zone), pneumonia. Ray Charles, 96, American musician (The Perry Como Show, The Muppet Show), cancer. Milton DeLugg, 96, American composer. Walter H. Haas, 97, American astronomer. David L. Kaplan, 91, American professor and conductor. Rie Muñoz, 93, American artist, stroke. John Papit, 86, American football player (Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers), stroke. Art Powell, 78, American football player (Oakland Raiders). Ben Powers, 64, American actor (Good Times). Gertrude Weaver, 116, American supercentenarian, world's oldest living person, pneumonia. 7 Patrick H. Adkins, 67, American fantasy author. Tim Babcock, 95, American politician, Governor of Montana (1962–1969). José Capellán, 34, American baseball player (Milwaukee Brewers, Detroit Tigers), heart attack. Eugene Louis Faccuito, 90, American dancer and choreographer. Stan Freberg, 88, American comedian and voice actor (Looney Tunes, Lady and the Tramp), pneumonia. Edward Gallenstein, 92, American wood carver and magazine editor (Chip Chats). Stanley Kutler, 80, American historian. Geoffrey Lewis, 79, American actor (High Plains Drifter, Maverick, The Lawnmower Man). Richard F. Post, 96, American physicist. James B. Rhoads, 86, American public servant, Archivist of the United States (1968–1979). Rich Szaro, 67, Polish-born American football player (New Orleans Saints, New York Jets). Torrey Ward, 36, American basketball coach, plane crash. Naomi Wilzig, 80, American writer and museum owner (World Erotic Art Museum Miami). 8 Harry K. Fukuhara, 95, American army officer. David Laventhol, 81, American newspaper editor and publisher, Parkinson's disease. Joel Shankle, 82, American hurdler, Olympic bronze medalist (1956). Joel Spira, 88, American inventor (solid-state lamp dimmer), co-founder of Lutron Electronics Company, heart attack. 9 Betty Tackaberry Blake, 92, American WWII aviator. Ivan Doig, 75, American author, multiple myeloma. Charles Hamel, 84, American congressional aide and oil industry whistleblower. Ray Harm, 87, American artist, prostate cancer. Tut Taylor, 91, American bluegrass musician (The Great Dobro Sessions). Tsien Tsuen-hsuin, 105, Chinese-born American sinologist, professor, and librarian. 10 Raúl Héctor Castro, 98, Mexican-born American politician and diplomat, Governor of Arizona (1975–1977), Ambassador to El Salvador (1964–1968), Bolivia (1968–1969) and Argentina (1977–1980). David Dank, 76, American politician, member of Oklahoma House of Representatives (since 2007), heart attack. Ray Graves, 96, American football player and coach. Lauren Hill, 19, American college basketball player, pediatric cancer advocate, brain cancer Rustin R. Kimsey, 79, American prelate, Episcopal Bishop of Eastern Oregon. Judith Malina, 88, German-born American actress (Dog Day Afternoon, Awakenings, The Addams Family) and director, lung disease. Keith McCormack, 74, American singer and songwriter ("Sugar Shack"). Bobby Moore, 56, American baseball player (San Francisco Giants). Jim Mutscheller, 85, American football player (Baltimore Colts), kidney failure. William S. Powell, 95, American historian. Rocco Quattrocchi, 88, American politician, member of the Rhode Island Senate and House of Representatives. 11 Charlie Beasley, 69, American basketball player.[227]Jimmy Gunn, 66, American football player (Chicago Bears), heart failure.[230]Kyle Testerman, 80, American politician, Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee (1972–1975, 1984–1987).[241] Levi Watkins, 70, American heart surgeon, complications from a heart attack and a stroke.[242] 12 Walter Lee, 93, American politician. Patrick McCauley, 87, American journalist.Mario Wallenda, 74, American highwire artiste (The Flying Wallendas). 13 Bruce Alger, 96, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas's 5th district (1955–1965), heart ailment. Gerald Calabrese, 90, American politician and basketball player (Syracuse Nationals), Mayor of Cliffside Park, New Jersey (since 1965). Neal Horsley, 70, American anti-abortion activist. Neal Nitz, 61, American politician. Bob Pinkalla, 86, American ten-pin bowler, heart failure. Elizabeth Brown Pryor, 64, American author and historian. Herb Trimpe, 75, American comic book artist (The Incredible Hulk, Thor), co-creator of Wolverine. 14 Norman H. Bangerter, 82, American politician, Governor of Utah (1985–1993), stroke. Homaro Cantu, 38, American chef, suicide by hanging. M. Joseph Manning, 90, American politician, member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1967–1997). Kevin Rosier, 53, American super heavyweight kickboxing champion and mixed martial artist (UFC), heart attack. Percy Sledge, 73, American R&B singer ("When a Man Loves a Woman"), liver cancer. Alex Stevens, 79, American actor and stunt performer (Dark Shadows, Superman, Goodfellas, Sesame Street). Buddy Temple, 73, American businessman and politician. David Ward-Steinman, 78, American composer and music professor. 15 Sidney Abbott, 77, American feminist activist, fire. Billy Ray Hearn, 85, American record label chairman, heart disease. John Howard, 94, American optical physicist. Margo Reed, 73, American jazz musician, complications from dementia. Barbara Strauch, 63, American author and reporter (The New York Times), breast cancer. 16 Ollie Brown, 71, American baseball player (San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants), mesothelioma. Alden G. Glauch, 95, American air force general. Lee Remmel, 90, American public relations director (Green Bay Packers). Smuggler, 13, American Thoroughbred racehorse, complications from foaling. 17 Francis George, 78, American Roman Catholic Cardinal, Archbishop of Chicago (1997–2014), President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops (2007–2010), bladder cancer. Robert P. Griffin, 91, American politician, member of the U.S. Senate from Michigan (1966–1977) and House of Representatives from Michigan's 9th district (1957–1966). Scotty Probasco, 86, American businessman and philanthropist. Don Quayle, 84, American broadcast journalist, President of NPR (1970–1973). Jack Rieley, 72, American record producer and band manager (The Beach Boys). Jeremiah J. Rodell, 93, American brigadier general and priest.Ann Stepan, 71, American politician, member of the Illinois House of Representatives (1991–1993). A. Alfred Taubman, 91, American real estate developer, philanthropist and football team owner (Michigan Panthers). 18 Walter Conahan, 87, American politician, member of the South Dakota Senate (1983–1989), cancer. Joe Hutter, 77, American politician, member of the Iowa House of Representatives. Joseph Lechleider, 82, American inventor (DSL). Laverne Torczon, 79, American football player. 19 Haney Catchings, 66, American football coach (Prairie View A&M, Tuskegee), cancer. William Price Fox, 89, American novelist. Eva Galambos, 87, American politician, Mayor of Sandy Springs, Georgia (2005–2014), cancer. Freddie Gray, 25, American police suspect, severed spinal cord. Sandra Mackey, 77, American writer (Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal). Scott Mason, 55, American radio personality. Bernard Stollman, 85, American record label founder (ESP-Disk), colon and spine cancer. Betty Willis, 91, American graphic designer (Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign). Casimir Witucki, 86, American football player (Washington Redskins). 20 Doug Buffone, 70, American football player (Chicago Bears) and radio host. Aharon Lichtenstein, 81, French-born American-Israeli rabbi, recipient of the Israel Prize (2014). Frederic Morton, 90, Austrian-born American writer. Bob St. Clair, 84, American Hall of Fame football player (San Francisco 49ers). 21 M. H. Abrams, 102, American literary critic. Steve Byrnes, 56, American sports announcer (NASCAR on Fox), head and neck cancer. Betsy von Furstenberg, 83, German-born American actress (As the World Turns) and baroness, Alzheimer's disease. Edan Milton Hughes, 80, American art dealer and author. Robert P. Patterson, Jr., 91, American federal judge. Elizabeth Weaver, 74, American judge, Michigan Supreme Court Justice (1995–2010), Chief Justice (1991–2001). 22Dorothy Custer, 103, American comedian. Lois Lilienstein, 78, American actress (The Elephant Show) and singer (Sharon, Lois & Bram), endometrial cancer. Audree Norton, 88, American actress. Charles Scott, 67, American judge, District Attorney for Caddo Parish, Louisiana (since 2009). Irene Woodall, 69, American magazine editor. 23 Richard Corliss, 71, American film critic (Time), stroke. Alexander Eliot, 95, American writer. Marie Herbst, 86, American politician, Mayor of Vernon, Connecticut (1979–1986), member of the Connecticut Senate (1987–1992). George Horner, 91, Czech-born American pianist and physician. Frank Porretta, 84, American tenor and musical theater actor. Paul Ryan, 69, American actor, television host and correspondent (Entertainment Tonight), leukemia. Jim Steffen, 78, American football player (Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins). Sawyer Sweeten, 19, American actor (Everybody Loves Raymond), suicide by gunshot. Francis Tsai, 48, American comic book, film and video game concept artist (Spider-Man, TMNT, The Bourne Conspiracy), ALS. 24 Thomas Joseph Connolly, 92, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Baker (1971–1999). Frankie Lee, 73, American blues singer-songwriter. Benjamin F. Logan, 87, American electrical engineer and bluegrass musician, heart attack. Success Express, 30, American Thoroughbred racehorse. Sid Tepper, 96, American songwriter ("Red Roses for a Blue Lady"). George C. Young, 98, American lawyer and judge, heart attack. 25 Jim Fanning, 87, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs) and manager (Montreal Expos). Don Mankiewicz, 93, American screenwriter (Star Trek, Ironside, Profiles in Courage), heart failure. Mike Phillips, 59, American basketball player (Kentucky Wildcats, FC Barcelona), fall. Dan Fredinburg, 33, American executive, head of privacy at Google. 26 Edward T. Chambers, 85, American activist, director of the Industrial Areas Foundation (1972–2009), heart failure.Jayne Meadows, 95, American actress (I've Got a Secret, Undercurrent, Song of the Thin Man).Bill Valentine, 82, American baseball umpire. 27 Suzanne Crough, 52, American actress (The Partridge Family). Gene Fullmer, 83, American professional boxer, two-time middleweight world champion. Verne Gagne, 89, American professional wrestler, trainer and promoter (AWA), Hall of Fame (2004, 2006). Frank Henderson, 92, American politician, member of the Idaho House of Representatives (2004–2014). Harvey R. Miller, 82, American lawyer, ALS. Marty Napoleon, 93, American jazz pianist. Alexander Rich, 90, American biologist. Rolf Smedvig, 62, American classical trumpeter (Empire Brass), heart attack. 28 Marcia Brown, 96, American writer and children's books illustrator. Glenn Dennis, 90, American ufologist. Jack Ely, 71, American singer ("Louie Louie"). Michael J. Ingelido, 98, American Air Force major general, stroke. Yoshihiko Osaki, 76, Japanese swimmer, Olympic silver medalist (1960), pneumonia. 29 Charles Benton, 84, American public digital media promoter, CEO of the Benton Foundation, cancer.[530] John G. Heyburn II, 66, American federal judge, Chief District Court Judge for the Western District of Kentucky (2001–2008), liver cancer.[535] Paul Hudak, 62, American professor of computer science, leukemia.[536] Jean Nidetch, 91, American businesswoman, founder of Weight Watchers.[542] Calvin Peete, 71, American golfer, Tournament Players champion (1985).[543] Dan Walker, 92, American politician, Governor of Illinois (1973–1977), heart failure.[547] 30 Peter Dobkin Hall, 69, American author and historian, traffic collision.Ben E. King, 76, American soul and R&B singer ("Stand by Me"), coronary heart disease.William Pfaff, 86, American author and columnist, heart attack.   March 1 Bob Armstrong, 82, American politician, member of the Texas House of Representatives (1963–1971) and Commissioner of the General Land Office (1971–1983). Deedee Corradini, 70, American politician, Mayor of Salt Lake City (1992–2000), lung cancer. Joshua Fishman, 88, American linguist. Orrin Keepnews, 91, American jazz record producer, executive and writer. Jeff McKnight, 52, American baseball player (New York Mets, Baltimore Orioles), leukemia. Daniel von Bargen, 64, American actor (Malcolm in the Middle, Philadelphia, Super Troopers). Thomas Philip Watson, 81, American politician, member of the Oklahoma Senate (1972–1987). 2 Beverly Hall, 68, Jamaican-born American educator, breast cancer. Dean Hess, 97, American minister and air force colonel. Jay Morrish, 78, American golf course designer. 3Lynn Borden, 77, American actress (Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, Hazel). M. Stanton Evans, 80, American journalist, author and educator, pancreatic cancer. John Mockler, 73, American politician, California Secretary of Education (2000–2002), pancreatic cancer. Joseph T. Palastra, Jr., 83, American army general. Brett Young, 47, American CFL football player. 4 Stacey Arceneaux, 79, American basketball player (St. Louis Hawks). Emory Bass, 89, American actor (Dark Shadows, 1776, Angie). George W. Grayson, 76, American politician, member of the Virginia House of Delegates from the 51st (1973–1981) and 97th (1983–2001) districts, heart attack. Ray Hatton, 83, British-born American author. William King, 90, American sculptor. James Norick, 95, American politician, Mayor of Oklahoma City (1959–1963, 1967–1971). Steve Shea, 72, American baseball player (Houston Astros, Montreal Expos). Jack Swanstrom, American educator and film director. 5 Edward Egan, 82, American Roman Catholic prelate, Cardinal, Bishop of Bridgeport (1988–2000), Archbishop of New York (2000–2009). Evelyn Furtsch, 100, American sprinter, Olympic gold medallist (1932). Katherine Godwin, 98, American teacher and educator, First Lady of Virginia (1966–1970, 1974–1978). John R. Keennan, 74, American baseball scout (Los Angeles Dodgers). Albert Maysles, 88, American documentary filmmaker (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens). ML Procise, 62, American sound engineer. Dirk Shafer, 52, American model, actor and director (Man of the Year). Jerry Wilson, 78, American football player (Auburn Tigers, Philadelphia Eagles, Toronto Argonauts). 6 Lisa Bonchek Adams, 45, American breast cancer advocate and blogger, breast cancer. Mick Clark, 78, English rugby league player (Leeds), Parkinson's disease. Fred Craddock, 86, American Christian minister, Parkinson's disease. Ram Sundar Das, 94, Indian politician, Chief Minister of Bihar (1979–1980). Arthur Gratias, 94, American politician. Paul John, 85, American tribal chief (Yupik peoples). Edward L. Keenan, 79, American historian. Ben Kingree, 80, American politician, member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1967–1969). Kishore Te, 36, Indian film editor (Aadukalam), blood clot. Dan Lewis, 79, American football player (Detroit Lions), diabetes. Vasilios Magginas, 66, Greek politician, Minister of Employment (2007). Osi Rhys Osmond, 71, Welsh painter and television presenter, cancer. Andrew Oung, 64, Taiwanese businessman and politician, heart attack. Pheiroijam Parijat Singh, 72, Indian politician. Enrique "Coco" Vicéns, 88, Puerto Rican basketball player and politician. 7 Izola Curry, 98, American assailant, attempted to kill Martin Luther King Jr. Ray Hefferlin, 85, American physicist. F. Ray Keyser, Jr., 87, American politician, Governor of Vermont (1961–1963). Glorianne Perrier, 85, American sprint canoer.8 Ernst Heincke, 83, German-born American Olympic sprint canoer (1968). Sam Simon, 59, American writer, producer and director (The Simpsons, Cheers, The Drew Carey Show), colorectal cancer. Lew Soloff, 71, American jazz trumpeter (Blood, Sweat & Tears), heart attack. 9 Jon Bridgman, 84, American historian. Jerry Brightman, 61, American pedal steel guitarist (Buck Owens). David B. Frohnmayer, 74, American attorney, Oregon Attorney General (1981–1991), President of the University of Oregon (1994–2009), prostate cancer. Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, 82, American stagehand and performer (The Gong Show), diabetes. Wayne Kemp, 73, American country music singer and songwriter. Windell Middlebrooks, 36, American actor (Body of Proof, The Suite Life on Deck, Scrubs), pulmonary embolism. Juanita Morrow Nelson, 91, American civil rights activist. Lou Silverstone, 90, American comedy writer (Mad, Cracked). 10 Fred Fredericks, 85, American cartoonist (Mandrake the Magician). Richard Glatzer, 63, American director, writer and producer (Still Alice, America's Next Top Model), ALS.Harry A. Hoffner, 80, American hittitologist. Allan Lurie, 91, American voice actor (The Jetsons, Metal Gear Solid). Tim Rucks, 54, American football player and coach (North Park, Carthage), heart attack. Claude Sitton, 89, American Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper reporter, heart failure. 11 William Beckley, 85, American actor (Dynasty). Jimmy Greenspoon, 67, American keyboard player and composer (Three Dog Night), melanoma. Marni Hodgkin, 97, American-born British book editor. Gerald Hurst, 77, American chemist and fire investigator. Janice Rebibo, 65, American-born Israeli poet, cancer. Ralph Taeger, 78, American actor (Hondo, Klondike, Acapulco). Arthur Thrall, 88, American painter and printmaker. Don Weeks, 76, American radio host (WGY). Dell Williams, 92, American businesswoman and actress. 12 Bob Anderson, 79, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs). Ray Arnett, 97, American choreographer and stage director (Liberace). Willie Barrow, 90, American civil rights activist. Michael Graves, 80, American architect. Eddie Hice, 85, American stuntman (Glory, Star Trek, Big Momma's House). Odell Pollard, 87, American lawyer, chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party (1966–1970). Ron Przybylinski, 61, American meteorologist, cancer. Robert L. Saucy, 84, American theologian. 13 Irwin Hasen, 96, American cartoonist (Dondi). Gretchen Kafoury, 72, American civil servant and politician, member of the Oregon House of Representatives (1977–1982). Meyera Oberndorf, 74, American politician, Mayor of Virginia Beach, Virginia (1988–2009), Alzheimer's disease. Al Rosen, 91, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians). Jack Lund Schofield, 91, American politician, member of the Nevada Assembly (1970–1974) and Senate (1974–1978). 14 Helen Banks, 87, American animal welfare activist. Richard Brennan, 83, American restaurateur (Brennan Family Restaurants). Rene Cailliet, 97, American physician. John C. Daniels, 78, American politician, Mayor of New Haven, Connecticut (1990–1993). Ib Melchior, 97, Danish-born American author and screenwriter (Death Race 2000, Robinson Crusoe on Mars). Ogygian, 31, American Thoroughbred racehorse, euthanized after complications from colic. Robert Plonsey, 90, American biomedical engineer. Joseph H. Young, 92, American federal judge. 15 Daniel Caldwell, 79, American actor and drama teacher, Alzheimer's disease. Sally Forrest, 86, American dancer and actress (Rawhide), cancer. Curtis Gans, 77, American activist and writer, lung cancer. Bob Parlocha, 76, American jazz radio personality, heart attack. Mike Porcaro, 59, American bassist (Toto), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Bob Toneff, 84, American football player (San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins). 16 Bruce Crump, 57, American rock drummer (Molly Hatchet). William B. Ewald, Jr., 89, American speechwriter (Dwight Eisenhower) and historian, respiratory failure. Chet Giermak, 86, American basketball player (William & Mary), stroke. Jack Haley, 51, American basketball player (Chicago Bulls), heart disease. Jean Hardisty, 69, American political scientist. Arthur A. Hartman, 89, American diplomat, Ambassador to France (1977–1981) and the Soviet Union (1981–1987), complications after leg surgery. Norman Johnston, 96, American architect. Marcella Leach, 89, American victim's rights activist. Don Robertson, 92, American songwriter. Paul Rogers, 96, American WWII soldier (Easy Company). Janet Taylor Spence, 91, American psychologist. Max Stenbeck, 30, American-born Swedish financier and businessman, complications from diabetes. 17 Raymond D. Fowler, 84, American psychologist.18 Samuel Charters, 85, American music historian and musician, myelodysplastic syndrome. Roy Doty, 92, American cartoonist and illustrator. Richard Gruenther, 90, American Olympic modern pentathlete (1948). Thomas Hopko, 75, American Eastern Orthodox priest and theologian. Richard Impola, 91, Finnish-born American translator. H. Allen Jerkens, 85, American horse trainer. Providencia Paredes, 90, Dominican Republic-born American personal assistant of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Lyle E. Schaller, 91, American church consultant and writer. Bernice Steadman, 89, American aviator, member of Mercury 13 team, co-founder of the International Women's Air & Space Museum. 19 Margarete Bagshaw, 50, American artist, brain tumor. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, 96, American writer and historian. Michael Brown, 65, American musician (The Left Banke) and songwriter ("Walk Away Renée"). Marilyn Durham, 84, American author. Gus Douglass, 88, American politician, West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture (1965–1989, 1993–2013), fall. Mordecai Roshwald, 93, Polish-born American author . Danny Schechter, 72, American journalist and filmmaker. 20 Jim Berry, 83, American cartoonist (Berry's World). Cincinnati Red, 40, American professional wrestler (EWF), heart attack. A. James Clark, 87, American billionaire engineer, heart failure. Lisa Colagrossi, 49, American news anchor (WABC), brain aneurysm. Ellen Conford, 73, American children's writer, heart ailment. Daniel Donahue, 91, American baseball team owner (Atlanta Braves). Charles T. Epps, Jr., 70, American politician, heart attack. Walter Grauman, 93, American director (633 Squadron, Murder, She Wrote). Harley Hisner, 88, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox). Paul Jeffrey, 81, American jazz saxophonist. Robert Kastenmeier, 91, American politician, member of United States House of Representatives from Wisconsin (1959–1991), heart failure. Joe O'Malley, 83, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers). A. J. Pero, 55, American drummer (Twisted Sister, Adrenaline Mob), heart attack. John Virgil Singleton, Jr., 97, American federal judge. Gregory Walcott, 87, American actor (Plan 9 from Outer Space, Norma Rae, Every Which Way but Loose). Gerald Lee Warren, 84, American journalist, White House deputy press secretary. 21 Chuck Bednarik, 89, American NFL Hall of Fame football player (Philadelphia Eagles). Miriam Bienstock, 92, American record company executive (Atlantic Records). James C. Binnicker, 76, American air force officer, Chief Master Sergeant (1986–1990). Betty Brey, 83, American Olympic swimmer (1956), heart attack. Jack Ford, 67, American politician, Mayor of Toledo, Ohio (2002–2005). Vince Kendrick, 63, American football player (Atlanta Falcons), cancer. Hector Macpherson, Jr., 96, American politician, member of the Oregon Senate (1971–1974). Jack Peltason, 91, American scholar, President of the University of California (1992–1995), Parkinson's disease. Thomas Scallen, 89, American businessman. Warren Womble, 95, American basketball coach. 22 William Campbell, 79, American politician, member of the California Senate (1976–1990) and Assembly (1966–1974). Tom Koch, 89, American comedy writer (Mad). George Neel, Jr., 84, American author and businessman. Norman Scribner, 79, American choral conductor. J. Terry Williams, American film editor. 23 Gary Dahl, 78, American entrepreneur, inventor of the Pet Rock, COPD. Earl Harris, 73, American politician, member of the Indiana House of Representatives (since 1982). Bobby Lowther, 91, American basketball player and athlete (LSU Tigers), All-American (1946). Ivan Nagy, 77, Hungarian-born American director. Nick Peters, 75, American journalist (Sacramento Bee) and baseball beat writer (San Francisco Giants), recipient of the J. G. Taylor Spink Award (2009). Steven Smith, 65, American tea company founder, liver cancer. LaVern Torgeson, 86, American football player (Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins). 24  Scott Clendenin, 47, American bassist (Death, Control Denied). Jeff Hennessy, 85, American trampoline coach. Roger Mayer, 88, American film industry executive. Louis Renner, 88, American Jesuit priest, historian and academic (University of Alaska Fairbanks), specialist in Catholic history in Alaska. Robert Folger Thorne, 94, American botanist. 25 Dick Bond, 93, American politician, member of the Washington House of Representatives (1975–1987). George Fischbeck, 92, American television weatherman (KABC). Richard O. Moore, 95, American poet and filmmaker (Louisiana Diary). Jim Phillips, 79, American football player (Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings). Bill Slayback, 67, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers). Loy Young, 92, American college football (Dickinson State) and basketball (Chadron State) coach. 26 John D. States, 89, American doctor and automotive safety advocate, heart failure. J. Karen Thomas, 50, American actress (Drop Dead Diva, Nashville, Sunset Beach), multiple myeloma. Naomi Weisstein, 76, American psychologist and writer. 27 Craft Akard, 98, American politician. B.J. Crosby, 63, American singer and actress (Smokey Joe's Cafe). Carlos Falchi, 70, Brazilian-born American accessories designer. William W. Hallo, 87, German-born American professor of assyriology and Babylonian literature. Johnny Helms, 80, American jazz trumpet player and bandleader. Hot Rod Hundley, 80, American basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers) and television broadcaster (Utah Jazz), Alzheimer's disease. Bob Lewis, 90, American politician, member of the Washington Senate (1973–1981). Janet L. Norwood, 91, American statistician, Commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (1979–1991), Alzheimer's disease. Michael Rush, 65, American museum director, pancreatic cancer. Lincoln Wolfenstein, 92, American particle physicist, cancer. 28 Richard L. Bare, 101, American director and producer (Green Acres, Maverick). Leon Bass, 90, American educator and WWII soldier. Chuck Brayton, 89, American Collegiate Hall of Fame baseball player and coach (Washington State Cougars). Dick Mills, 70, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox), cancer. Gene Saks, 93, American stage and film director (The Odd Couple, Barefoot in the Park, Brighton Beach Memoirs), pneumonia. 29 Jim LaRue, 89, American football player and coach (Arizona Wildcats). Paul Torgersen, 83, American educator, President of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1993–2000). 30 Phyllis R. Klotman, 90, American film theorist and archivist. John H. Makin, 71, American economist, cancer. Preston Ritter, 65, American drummer (The Electric Prunes). Roger Slifer, 60, American comic book author (Lobo) and writer (Transformers). Robert Z'Dar, 64, American film actor and producer (Maniac Cop, Tango & Cash). 31Billy Butler, 69, American soul singer. T. W. Edwards, Jr., 85, American politician. Andrew Getty, 47, American heir, intestinal bleeding. Riccardo Ingram, 48, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins), brain cancer. Ralph Sharon, 91, English-born American pianist and bandleader (Tony Bennett).   Febuary 1 Leonard Apt, 90, American pediatrician and ophthalmologist. Anita Darian, 87, American singer, complications after intestinal surgery. William Garrison, 90, American geographer. Ron Johnson, 76, American basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers), aneurysm. Ann Mara, 85, American football team owner (New York Giants), complications from fall. Monty Oum, 33, American animator, writer and director (Red vs. Blue, RWBY), anaphylaxis. Irving Singer, 89, American philosopher, professor and author. 2 Joseph Alfidi, 65, American pianist, composer and conductor. Dave Bergman, 61, American baseball player (San Francisco Giants, Detroit Tigers), bile duct cancer. Frank Borghi, 89, American Hall of Fame soccer player (national team). The Jacka, 37, American rapper, shot. Dust La Rock, 38, American artist and designer. Gloria Ricci Lothrop, 80, American historian, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia. Zane Musa, 36, American jazz saxophonist. Stewart Stern, 92, American screenwriter (Rebel Without a Cause, Rachel, Rachel, Sybil), brain tumor. 3 Mary Healy, 96, American singer and actress (The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T). Jim Letcavits, 79, American CFL player (Edmonton Eskimos, Montreal Alouettes), Alzheimer's disease. Walter Liedtke, 69, American art curator of European paintings (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), train crash. Sally Luther, 96, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (1951–1962), leukemia. William Thomas McKinley, 76, American composer and jazz pianist. Andrew Patner, 55, American art critic and radio host. Charlie Sifford, 92, American Hall of Fame golfer, complications from a stroke. Koos Van Den Akker, 75, Dutch-born American fashion designer. 4 Edmund Cranch, 91, American academic. Henry E. Emerson, 89, American army lieutenant general. Wes Cooley, 82, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Oregon (1995–1997). Ernest Ferlita, 87, American playwright and professor of drama and speech. Fitzhugh L. Fulton, 89, American NASA research pilot. Robert E. Hanson, 67, American politician, North Dakota State Treasurer (1979–1980, 1985–1992). Donald M. Kerr, 69, American wildlife biologist and conservationist (High Desert Museum). Albert L. Nash, 93, American politician, member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Jack Ruina, 91, American professor of electrical engineering. 5 Val Logsdon Fitch, 91, American Nobel Prize-winning physicist (1980). Garey Hayden, 70, American bridge player. George A. Lovejoy, 83, American politician, member of the New Hampshire Senate (1992–1996) Elmer Matthews, 87, American politician, member of the New Jersey General Assembly. Richard Meryman, 88, American journalist and biographer. Anne Moody, 74, American author and civil rights activist. Herman Rosenblat, 85, Polish-born American writer. Mike Runnels, 69, American politician, Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico (1983–1987). 6 D. Michael Collins, 70, American politician, Mayor of Toledo, Ohio (since 2014).Norm Drucker, 94, American basketball referee. Kayla Mueller, 26, American activist, humanitarian aid worker, ISIS hostage. Alan Nunnelee, 56, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Mississippi (since 2011), brain cancer. Ray Wolfinger, 83, American political scientist. 7 Billy Casper, 83, American Hall of Fame golfer, 51 career PGA Tour wins, complications from pneumonia. Donald H. Clausen, 91, American politician, U.S. Representative from California (1963–1983).[119] Joseph M. Gaydos, 88, American politician, member of the House of Representatives (1968–1993), Pennsylvania Senate (1967–1968).[122] Joe B. Mauldin, 74, American bassist (The Crickets), cancer.[128] Marshall Rosenberg, 80, American psychologist, creator of Nonviolent Communication.[133] Joe Simenic, 91, American baseball researcher and historian.[134] Dean Smith, 83, American Hall of Fame basketball coach (North Carolina).[135] Paul E. Toms, 90, American author and pastor.[137] John C. Whitehead, 92, American financier (Goldman Sachs) and civil servant, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State (1985–1989).[138] L. Pearce Williams, 87, American academic (Cornell University).[139]   8 John W. Baldwin, 85, American historian. David Crews, 81, American politician, member of the Texas House of Representatives (1960–1968). Jesse Freitas, 63, American football player (San Diego Chargers). Debra A. Kemp, 57, American author (The Firebrand). Clyde W. Sare, 78, American politician, member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives (1959–1963). John J. Shea, Jr., 90, American physician. Thom Wilson, American punk rock producer. Ralph Yelton, 88, American politician, member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1977–1989). 9Ken Cunningham, 71, American college basketball player and coach. Jon Jerde, 75, American architect. Marvin David Levy, 82, American composer. Samuel H. Moffett, 98, American Korean theologian and missionary. Charlie O'Connell, 79, American roller derby skater. Rex Ray, 58, American graphic designer and artist, lymphoma. Ed Sabol, 98, American filmmaker, founder of NFL Films Melanie Tem, 65, American horror and dark fantasy author, breast cancer. 10 Daniel Brand, 79, American wrestler. Wayne Dobbs, 75, American college basketball coach (Vanderbilt University). Bill Enyart, 67, American football player (Buffalo Bills), cancer. Don Johnson, 88, American baseball player (New York Yankees, Washington Senators), kidney failure. Dane A. Miller, 68, American business executive. Robert Forrest Towns, 76, American football player. 11 Gary Glick, 84, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers). Ray Hathaway, 98, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers). John E. Murray, Jr., 82, American educator, President of Duquesne University (1988–2001), heart attack. Bob Simon, 73, American television journalist (60 Minutes), traffic collision. Jerry Tarkanian, 84, American Hall of Fame basketball coach (Long Beach State, UNLV, San Antonio Spurs, Fresno State). 12 Sam Andrew, 73, American musician (Big Brother and the Holding Company), complication after open heart surgery. David Carr, 58, American columnist (The New York Times) and author, lung cancer. Movita Castaneda, 98, American actress (Mutiny on the Bounty), neck injury. John P. Craven, 90, American scientist. Rhonda Glenn, 68, American sportscaster (ESPN, ABC) and golf historian, cancer. Harvey Goldschmid, 74, American legal scholar and SEC commissioner. John-Edward Kelly, 56, American conductor and saxophonist. Mosie Lister, 93, American gospel music singer-songwriter (The Statesmen Quartet). Gary Owens, 80, American television announcer (Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In) and voice actor (Space Ghost, Garfield and Friends), diabetes. Richie Pratt, 71, American jazz drummer. Ernest J. Sternglass, 91, American physicist and professor, heart failure. 13 Bob Bettisworth, 88, American politician, member of the Alaska House of Representatives (1979–1985). Stan Chambers, 91, American television reporter (KTLA). Jim McCusker, 78, American football player. Albert Nijenhuis, 88, Dutch-born American mathematician. Noah G. Willis, 75, American politician, member of the Alabama House of Representatives. 14 Keith Copeland, 68, American jazz drummer.Hulon, 58, American jazz saxophonist and physician. Philip Levine, 87, American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, pancreatic cancer. 15 George Attla, 81, American sprint dog musher. Arnaud de Borchgrave, 88, American journalist (The Washington Times), bladder cancer. Wendell Kim, 64, American baseball player and coach (Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox). 16 Clyde Duncan, 54, American football player (St. Louis Cardinals). Lesley Gore, 68, American singer ("It's My Party", "Judy's Turn to Cry", "You Don't Own Me"), lung cancer. Tynnetta Muhammad, 73, American journalist, member of the Nation of Islam. 17 John Barrow, 79, American CFL football player (Hamilton Tiger-Cats). Richard Alan Enslen, 83, American federal judge, U.S. District Court Justice for the Western District of Michigan (since 1979). June Fairchild, 68, American actress (Up in Smoke), liver cancer. John Hurt Fisher, 95, American literary scholar. 18 Cass Ballenger, 88, American politician, member of United States House of Representatives from North Carolina (1986–2005). Mele Carroll, 50, American politician, member of Hawaii House of Representatives (2005–2015). Dave Cloud, 58, American musician. Mark Fischer, 64, American intellectual property lawyer. Robert B. Fulton, 104, American Navy rear admiral. John Paul Jackson, 64, American writer and producer. Jerome Kersey, 52, American basketball player (Portland Trail Blazers), pulmonary embolism. Buck Rinehart, 68, American politician, Mayor of Columbus, Ohio (1984–1992), pancreatic cancer. 19 Betty Lou Bredemus, 80, American stage actress and acting coach, lung cancer. Harold Johnson, 86, American boxer, NBA/World Light Heavyweight Champion (1961–1963). Erwin Marquit, 88, American physicist and Marxist philosopher. Carol Severance, 71, American fantasy author. Talus Taylor, 82, American writer, co-creator of the Barbapapa series. Gary Woods, 60, American baseball player (Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago Cubs) and scout (Chicago White Sox), heart attack. 20 Wayne Moore, 83, American swimmer, Olympic gold medalist (1952). Patricia Norris, 83, American costume designer (12 Years a Slave, The Elephant Man, Scarface). Henry Segerstrom, 91, American entrepreneur. Dick Triptow, 92, American basketball player. John C. Willke, 89, American physician and anti-abortion activist. 21 Robert O. Marshall, 75, American convicted murderer, arranged contract killing of his wife. Paul Napier, 84, American actor (Dynasty). George Onorato, 86, American politician, member of the New York Senate (1983–2010). Bruce Sinofsky, 58, American documentary filmmaker (Paradise Lost, Some Kind of Monster), diabetes. Clark Terry, 94, American jazz trumpeter and flugelhornist. 22 John Rucho, 92, American politician, member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1973–1979). 23 Bettine Moore Close, 90, American socialite. W. E. "Bill" Dykes, 89, American politician, member of the Louisiana State Senate (1976–1984). Algimantas Kezys, 86, Lithuanian-born American photographer. Jim King, 82, American baseball player (Washington Senators, Chicago Cubs). Jerry Lambert, 74, American jockey. Ben Woolf, 34, American actor (American Horror Story, Insidious), traffic collision. 24 Robert Belfour, 74, American blues musician. Maurice Hurley, 75, American television writer and producer (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Baywatch, Miami Vice). Irving Kahn, 109, American investor. Donald Keough, 88, American businessman, President of The Coca-Cola Company (1981–1993). Dori J. Maynard, 56, American journalist. Mirjana Puhar, 19, Serbian-born American model and reality show contestant (America's Next Top Model), shot. Bertrice Small, 77, American author, renal failure. 25 Harve Bennett, 84, American producer and writer (Star Trek, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Mod Squad). Eugenie Clark, 92, American ichthyologist. Charles E. Rice, 83, American legal scholar and author. 26 Anthony R. Cucci, 92, American politician, Mayor of Jersey City (1985–1989). Ruth Denison, 92, German-born American Buddhist teacher, stroke. Oscar Díaz, 32, American welterweight boxer, head injury. Monroe H. Freedman, 86, American professor of law, chronic lymphocytic lymphoma. Theodore Hesburgh, 97, American Roman Catholic priest, President of the University of Notre Dame (1952–1987). Earl Lloyd, 86, American basketball player (Syracuse Nationals, Detroit Pistons). Curt Michel, 80, American astrophysicist. Martin T. Smith, 80, American politician, member of the Mississippi Senate (1968–1988). Avijit Roy, 42, Bangladeshi-American writer, stabbed. Tom Schweich, 54, American politician, State Auditor of Missouri (since 2011), suicide by gunshot. Hukam Singh, 89, Indian politician, Chief Minister of Haryana (1990–1991). Carlos Talbott, 95, American air force lieutenant general. 27 Richard Bakalyan, 84, American character actor (Batman, Chinatown, The Fox and the Hound). Manfred Bayer, 86, German-born American microbiologist. Bob Benmosche, 70, American executive, President and CEO of American International Group (2009–2014), lung cancer. Malcolm Boyd, 91, American Episcopal priest, author, pneumonia. Tod Dockstader, 82, American sound artist and electronic music composer. John Fairchild, 87, American publisher and editor (Women's Wear Daily). Tim Ford, 63, American politician, Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives (1988–2004), heart attack. Jerome Kurtz, 83, American public servant, Commissioner of Internal Revenue (1977–1983), complications of surgery. Sue Landske, 77, American politician, member of the Indiana Senate (1984–2014), cancer. Leonard Nimoy, 83, American actor and director (Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, Fringe), COPD. 28 Tom Bettis, 83, American football player (Green Bay Packers) and coach. William J. Bichsel, 86, American Jesuit priest and peace protester. Gordie Gillespie, 88, American baseball, football and basketball coach. Alex Johnson, 72, American baseball player (California Angels, Cincinnati Reds), prostate cancer. Ezra Laderman, 90, American composer. J. Michael Lenihan, 71, American politician, member of the Rhode Island Senate (1990–2010), cancer. Anthony Mason, 48, American basketball player (New York Knicks), heart failure. Ed Modzelewski, 86, American football player (Cleveland Browns), heart failure. Thomas J. Stanley, 71, American author (The Millionaire Next Door, The Millionaire Mind), traffic collision.   JANUARY 1 Staryl C. Austin, 94, American air force brigadier general. Mario Cuomo, 82, American politician, Governor of New York (1983–1994), heart failure. Donna Douglas, 82, American actress (The Beverly Hillbillies, Frankie and Johnny, The Twilight Zone), pancreatic cancer. Matthew Franjola, 72, American journalist (Associated Press) and photographer. Jeff Golub, 59, American guitarist, progressive supranuclear palsy. Bill Keating, 70, American football player (Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins) and attorney. William Lloyd Standish, 84, American federal judge, District Court Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania (1987–2002). Miller Williams, 84, American poet, Alzheimer's disease. 2 James A. Barlow, 91, American politician, member of the Wyoming House of Representatives (1983–1987). Noel Cobb, 76, American-born British philosopher, psychologist and author. Little Jimmy Dickens, 94, American country music singer ("May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose"), cardiac arrest. Lloyd House, 83, American politician, member of the Arizona House of Representatives (1967–1968). Arthur Neu, 81, American politician, Lieutenant Governor of Iowa (1973–1979), member of the Iowa Senate (1967–1973). Tihomir Novakov, 85, Serbian-born American physicist. 3 Daniel Albright, 69, American academic. Martin Anderson, 78, American economist and political adviser. Edward Brooke, 95, American politician, member of the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts (1967–1979). Bryan Caldwell, 54, American football player (Houston Oilers), Hodgkin's lymphoma. Bill Jessup, 85, American football player (San Francisco 49ers). Rueben Philip Job, 86, American United Methodist prelate, Bishop of the Iowa Episcopal Area (1984–1992). Bernice Madigan, 115, American supercentenarian, world's fifth-oldest person. Allie Sherman, 91, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles) and coach (New York Giants) 4 Al Delugach, 89, American Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, mesothelioma. Lance Diamond, 72, American singer. Jay Furman, 72, American real estate developer, cancer. Stu Miller, 87, American baseball player (San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles). Jack Parr, 78, American basketball player (Cincinnati Royals). Hank Peters, 90, American baseball executive (Baltimore Orioles), complications from a stroke. Eli Sagan, 87, American clothing manufacturer, cultural anthropology author and Nixon Enemy. Stuart Scott, 49, American sports journalist (SportsCenter), appendix cancer. Michele Serros, 48, American novelist and poet, malignancy of the salivary glands. Richard D. Veltri, 79, American politician, member of the Connecticut House of Representatives. 5 Al Bendich, 85, American civil rights attorney. Jack Calmes, 71, American inventor, executive and musician. Bobby Carter, 75, American politician, member of the Tennessee Senate (1995–2002). William R. Catton, Jr., 88, American environmental sociologist. Arthur E. Chase, 84, American politician, member of the Massachusetts Senate (1991–1995). Joe Haines, 91, American politician, member of the Ohio House of Representatives (1981–1999). Milton Hebald, 97, American sculptor. King Sporty, 71, Jamaican-American reggae musician. Bernard Joseph McLaughlin, 102, American Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo (1968–1988). Harold Murphy, 74, American politician, member of the Illinois House of Representatives, (1993–2003). Joan Peters, 78, American author (From Time Immemorial), complications from a stroke. 6 Buffalo Tiger, 94, American politician, Chairman of the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida (1962–1985). Lawrence Gushee, 83, American musicologist. Francesca Hilton, 67, American actress and socialite, stroke. Arthur Jackson, 96, American sports shooter. George H. McKee, 91, American air force lieutenant general. Gilberto Perez, Cuban-born American professor of film studies. Sanford E. Reisenbach, 82, American marketing executive (Warner Bros.). Patricia Roppel, 76, American historian and teacher, specialist in the history of Southeast Alaska, cancer. Thunder Rumble, 26, American Thoroughbred racehorse, complications from colic. 7 Arch A. Moore, Jr., 91, American politician, Governor of West Virginia (1969–1977, 1985–1989). Jethro Pugh, 70, American football player (Dallas Cowboys). Tim Roberts, 38, American professional wrestler (WWC, NWS, ECW). Herb Simpson, 94, American baseball player (Seattle Steelheads). 8[edit]William E. Boeing, Jr., 92, American businessman. Andraé Crouch, 72, American gospel singer. Patsy Garrett, 93, American singer and actress (Benji, Nanny and the Professor, Room 222). Curtis Lee, 75, American singer ("Pretty Little Angel Eyes"), cancer. Roy McKie, 93, American illustrator. Erbey Satterfield, 75, American politician, member of the Utah House of Representatives. Nelson Townsend, 73, American athletic director (Florida A&M). 9 Harry A. DeMaso, 93, American politician, member of the Michigan Senate (1967–1986). Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., 88, American film producer (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World), heart failure. Ah Chew Goo, 96, American basketball player and coach (University of Hawaii). Robert V. Keeley, 85, American diplomat, Ambassador to Mauritius (1976–1978), Zimbabwe (1980–1984) and Greece (1985–1989), stroke. Chuck Locke, 82, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles) Bud Paxson, 79, American media executive, co-founder of the Home Shopping Network, founder of Pax TV. Whitney Reed, 82, American tennis player. James L. Reveal, 73, American botanist. Robert Scott, 73, American author. Paul M. Starnes, 80, American politician, member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1972–1990). Roy Tarpley, 50, American basketball player (Dallas Mavericks). 10 Robert Berner, 79, American geologist and geochemist. Walter Berns, 95, American constitutional law and political philosophy professor. George Dickerson, 81, American actor (Blue Velvet, Hill Street Blues). James R. Dixon, 86, American herpetologist Tim Drummond, 74, American bassist (Bob Dylan, Neil Young). Harry V. Jaffa, 96, American political philosophy professor Annis Jensen, 93, American roller derby skater. Roger Moyer, 80, American politician, Mayor of Annapolis, Maryland (1965–1973), Parkinson's disease. Taylor Negron, 57, American comedian and actor (Angels in the Outfield, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bio-Dome), cancer. George Probert, 87, American jazz musician and music editor. Robert Stone, 77, American novelist (Dog Soldiers), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 11 Vernon Benjamin Mountcastle, 96, American professor emeritus (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine) and neuroscientist. 12 Bonnie Christensen, 63, American children's book author and illustrator, ovarian cancer. Robert Gover, 85, American author. John Hill, 69, American game designer. Carl Long, 79, American baseball player. William C. Martel, 59, American political scientist, cancer. A. J. Masters, 64, American singer and songwriter, prostate cancer. Alex Omes, 43, American nightlife impresario, co-founder of Ultra Music Festival. Ed Skinner, 78, American politician and attorney, member of the Iowa House of Representatives (1969–1973). Darrell Winfield, 85, American rancher and model, Marlboro Man (1968–1989). 13 Robert Boon, 98, Dutch-born American actor (Queen of Blood, Verboten!, The Twilight Zone). Doug Cunningham, 69, American football player (Ole Miss Rebels, San Francisco 49ers). Ralph Faudree, 75, American mathematician. Frank Glazer, 99, American pianist and composer. H. Wesley Kenney, 89, American television director and producer (General Hospital, All in the Family, The Young and the Restless), cardiac arrest. Mike Marqusee, 61, American-born writer and activist, multiple myeloma. Frank Mazzola, 79, American film actor and editor (Rebel Without a Cause, Casablanca, The Hunchback of Notre Dame). John H. Rubel, 94, American defense electronics executive. Bill Thompson, 70, American talent manager. Robert White, 88, American diplomat, Ambassador to Paraguay (1977–1980) and El Salvador (1980–1981). Jane Wilson, 90, American painter. 14 Bob Boyd, 84, American basketball coach (USC Trojans). Jerry Dempsey, 81, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (1992–2006). Layne Tom Jr., 87, American actor (Charlie Chan series). Warren Weinstein, 73, American economist, USAID contractor kidnapped by al-Qaeda, drone strike. Robert White, 88, American diplomat, United States Ambassador to Paraguay (1977–1980) and El Salvador (1980–1981). 15 Jean-Claude Baker, 71, French-born American restaurateur, suicide. Eugene E. Covert, 88, American aeronautics engineer. Ervin Drake, 95, American songwriter ("It Was a Very Good Year", "I Believe", "Good Morning Heartache"), bladder cancer. Kim Fowley, 75, American record producer, band manager (The Runaways), impresario and musician, bladder cancer. Alan Hirschfield, 79, American film executive, CEO of Columbia Pictures (1973–1978), Chairman of 20th Century Fox (1982–1986). Ray Nagel, 87, American football player (UCLA Bruins) and coach (Utah Utes, Iowa Hawkeyes). Robert S. Pirie, 80, American lawyer. Bob Wilson, 85, American sportscaster (Boston Bruins). 16 Andrew Benson, 97, American biologist. Stuart Loory, 82, American journalist and media executive (CNN), lung cancer. Ray Lumpp, 91, American basketball player (New York Knicks), Olympic champion  Walter Peregoy, 89, American animator (The Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, The Sword in the Stone). Faith Seidenberg, 91, American attorney and civil rights activist. 17 Joseph Brannigan, 83, American politician, member of the Maine Senate (2006–2012). Rebecca D. Lockhart, 46, American politician, Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives (since 2011), Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Henry Manne, 86, American law and economics academic. Mary Evelyn Parker, 94, American politician, Louisiana State Treasurer (1968–1987), complications from a heart attack. David E. Paulson, 83, American politician, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly for the 28th District (1978–1986). Greg Plitt, 37, American fitness trainer (Work Out) and actor (Grudge Match, Terminator Salvation, Bobby), hit by train. 18 Dorothy Barnes Pelote, 85, American politician, member of the Georgia House of Representatives (1993–2003). Cynthia Layne, 51, American jazz singer, cancer. Milt Schoon, 92, American basketball player (Sheboygan Red Skins). Dallas Taylor, 66, American drummer (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young). Christine Valmy, 88, Romanian-born American cosmetologist. Tony Verna, 81, American television producer, invented instant replay, leukemia. 19 Adam Yahiye Gadahn, 36, American al-Qaeda operative, drone strike. Oscar Hayes, 47, American gospel musician. Karl H. Pribram, 95, Austrian-born American neuroscientist and educator, cancer. Ward Swingle, 87, American musician (The Swingle Singers, Les Double Six). Reies Tijerina, 88, American chicano activist. Gene S. Walker, Sr., 88, American rancher and businessman. 20 James L. Fowler, 84, American military veteran, founded the Marine Corps Marathon. Melvin Gordon, 95, American business executive, CEO of Tootsie Roll Industries (since 1962). Herman E. Lauhoff, 81, American politician, member of the Texas House of Representatives (1974–1981). Rose Marie McCoy, 92, American songwriter ("It Hurts Me to My Heart", "Don't Be Angry", "Tryin' to Get to You", "It's Gonna Work Out Fine"). Gloria D. Miklowitz, 87, American author. Bette Rogge, 92, American radio and television presenter. William Roffler, 84, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles), pneumonia. Jerome Van Sistine, 89, American politician, member of the Wisconsin State Senate (1977–1993). 21 George Atkins, 82, American football player (Detroit Lions). Marcus Borg, 72, American Biblical scholar and theologian (Jesus Seminar), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Vince Camuto, 78, American footwear designer (Nine West), prostate cancer. George W. Downs, 68, American political scientist, heart failure. George Goodwin, 97, American journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner (1948). Roy Noble Lee, 99, American judge, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mississippi (1987–1993). Keith Rayner, 71, American cognitive psychologist. Marshall Schlom, 86, American script supervisor (Psycho, Perry Mason, Rain Man), complications from a fall. 22 Don Bryant, 73, American baseball player (Houston Astros). Peggy Charren, 86, American children's television activist. Wendell H. Ford, 90, American politician, Governor of Kentucky (1971–1974), member of the U.S. Senate (1974–1999), lung cancer. Tommy Mason, 75, American football player (Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams). Wayne Quinton, 94, American biomedical engineer. Lawrence Paul Zatkoff, 75, American federal judge, cancer 23 Ernie Banks, 83, American Hall of Fame baseball player (Chicago Cubs), heart attack. Betty Jane Diener, 74, American politician, Virginia Secretary of Commerce (1982–1986), pulmonary fibrosis. Nick Koback, 79, American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates). Frank Sims, 93, American baseball broadcaster. 24 Maria Cerra, 96, American Olympic fencer (1948). Floyd Dunn, 90, American electrical engineer. Joe Franklin, 88, American television and radio talk show host, prostate cancer. Fred Shank, 74, American nutritionist. Daniel R. Simpson, 87, American politician, member of the North Carolina House of Representatives and Senate, Lewy body dementia. Peter Westervelt, 95, American physicist. 25 Rose Cabat, 100, American studio ceramicist. John Leggett, 97, American writer, director of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, pneumonia. Richard McBrien, 78, American Roman Catholic priest and theologian. Bill Monbouquette, 78, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox). 26 R. J. Adams, 72, American actor (Rocky IV). Edwin A. Colvin, 87, American politician, member of the Vermont House of Representatives (1975–1982). Cleven "Goodie" Goudeau, 83, American greeting card artist. Howard C. Hawkins, 82, American bicycle tool manufacturer (Park Tool). Stephen R. Johnson, 63, American television and music video director ("Sledgehammer"). Neil Levang, 83, American musician (The Lawrence Welk Show). Lester McCumbers, 93, American fiddler. Sidewalk Sam, 75, American artist. Charles Thomas, 82, American sprinter and athletics coach. 27 Rocky Bridges, 87, American baseball player (Cincinnati Reds, Washington Senators). Harriet Elizabeth Byrd, 88, American politician, member of the Wyoming House of Representatives (1981–1988) and Senate (1988–1992). Suzette Haden Elgin, 78, American science fiction author and linguist. Warren Hill, 54, American convicted murderer, execution by lethal injection. John T. Myers, 87, American politician, member of the United States House of Representatives from Indiana (1967–1997). Al Severinsen, 70, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres). Bob Shea, 90, American basketball player (Providence Steamrollers). Charles H. Townes, 99, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate in Physics . Charlie Williams, 67, American baseball player (New York Mets, San Francisco Giants), complications from heart surgery. Larry Winters, 58, American professional wrestler and trainer, heart attack. 28 Arthur Lawrence Alarcon, 89, American federal judge. Don Jones, 91, American artist and art therapist. Charles B. Peatross, 74, American jurist. Edward Saylor, 94, American World War II veteran, member of Doolittle's Raiders. 29 Bernice Gordon, 101, American crossword writer (The New York Times), heart failure. Cedric Kushner, 66, South African-born American boxing promoter, heart attack. Will McBride, 84, American photographer. Rod McKuen, 81, American poet, singer and songwriter ("Jean", "Seasons in the Sun"), respiratory arrest. Alexander Vraciu, 96, American World War II Navy fighter ace, Navy Cross recipient. 30 Richard Clark Barkley, 82, American diplomat, Ambassador to East Germany (1988–1990). Carl Boldt, 82, American basketball player (San Francisco Dons). Carl Djerassi, 91, Austrian-American chemist, novelist and playwright, liver and bone cancer. Rose Frisch, 96, American biologist. Jack Kay, 63, American academic and college administrator. John McHugh, 84, American politician, Mayor of Toledo, Ohio (1990–1993), cancer. Richard Richards, 82, American politician, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (1981–1983). Ben Schadler, 90, American basketball player. Jerry L. Smith, 71, American politician, member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives (1972–1980) and Senate (1980–2004). Than Wyenn, 95, American actor (Imitation of Life, Splash, Being There). 31 Robert Blees, 96, American film and television screenwriter and producer (Cattle Queen of Montana). Earl Christensen, 95, American politician, member of the Wyoming Senate (1959–1984). Don Covay, 76, American R&B singer and songwriter ("Chain of Fools"). Lizabeth Scott, 92, American actress (Dead Reckoning) and singer. Louis Sette, 68, American broadcaster and political candidate Orris George Walker, 72, American episcopal prelate, Bishop of Long Island (1991-2009).     Resources: Wikipeldia


Washington National Cathedral

Pictured above: Construction of Washington National Cathedral during the 1920s/Courtesy of Screen Grab© VAV!/September 29, 2015 The Washington National Cathedral is a spiritual center where Americans come together to worship and pray, mourn for the loss of world leaders, and confront the challenging moral and social issues facing us each day. In the beginning: On January 24, 1791, President George Washington commissioned architect and city planner, Major Pierre L'Enfant,  to create a plan for the nation's capital.  Among L'Enfant's plans was the visualization of "a great church for national purposes," however, it would not be until a century later, that plans for building Washington National Cathedral became a reality.


Washington National Cathedral

Pictured above: Construction of Washington National Cathedral during the 1920s/Courtesy of Screen Grab© VAV!/September 29, 2015 The Washington National Cathedral is a spiritual center where Americans come together to worship and pray, mourn for the loss of world leaders, and confront the challenging moral and social issues facing us each day. In the beginning: On January 24, 1791, President George Washington commissioned architect and city planner, Major Pierre L'Enfant,  to create a plan for the nation's capital.  Among L'Enfant's plans was the visualization of "a great church for national purposes," however, it would not be until a century later, that plans for building Washington National Cathedral became a reality.


Washington National Cathedral

Pictured above: Construction of Washington National Cathedral during the 1920s/Courtesy of Screen Grab© VAV!/September 29, 2015 The Washington National Cathedral is a spiritual center where Americans come together to worship and pray, mourn for the loss of world leaders, and confront the challenging moral and social issues facing us each day. In the beginning: On January 24, 1791, President George Washington commissioned architect and city planner, Major Pierre L'Enfant,  to create a plan for the nation's capital.  Among L'Enfant's plans was the visualization of "a great church for national purposes," however, it would not be until a century later, that plans for building Washington National Cathedral became a reality.

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