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Jan 31st
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Happy Chanukah 2011


VAV!/December 21, 2011  By Dennis Nyhagen


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Roasted Garlic and Brie Stuffed Boule

VAV!/January 30, 2015/Contributed by the Food Ladies ...where the food is good enough to eat. Period. Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest food consumption day of the year in the United States (behind Thanksgiving).  The truth is, when many people think about the Super Bowl, they are thinking about delicious snacks, appetizers, buffalo wings, and the most hot-a-licious spicy chili that they will enjoy with their friends. Let's take a look at one great bread dish for the big day that's sure to make a touchdown! Roasted Garlic and Bried Stuffed Boule* Ingredients: 1 large sourdough boule (or another bread of your choice)


Estée Lauder

Pictured above: Estée Lauder personally samples her products to make a sale. "It's that rare touch, that person-to-person contact, that leaves the deepest impression," she said.  "Every woman can be beautiful." - Estée Lauder VAV!/January 31, 2015 In 1946, Estée Lauder launched the Estée Lauder company in New York City with a belief that every woman can be beautiful and just four skin care products. The products Super-Rich All Purpose Creme, Cleansing Oil, Creme Pack, and Skin Lotion - sold in beauty salons and hotels in the New York area. More about the woman who launched a legacy and changed the cosmetics industry, forever...Estée Lauder


We're being taken over by robots, please start with Washington!

Pictured above: Free cartoons from VAV!/January 29, 2015/Contributed by Will Roberts When I was a kid I loved going to the museum of science and industry and ill tell you my favorite thing next.  I remember they had a booth, and you'd sit in the both and your friend would sit in the other booth. Then you could pick up phone and hear and see each other on a black and white monitor; that tells you how old I am.


Asteroid And Comets Passing Near Earth Are Mapped

VAV!/January 26, 2014 NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) spacecraft has been collecting data about asteroids and comets passing near Earth since December 2013.   NEOWISE has discovered and characterized 40 near-Earth objects (NEOs) in the first year after the mission was re-started in December 2013.*  Eight of the discoveries have been classified as potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs), based on their size and how close their orbits could come to Earth's orbit. The mission has further observed and characterized 245 previously known near-Earth objects. From December 2013 to December 2014, NEOWISE discovered three new comets and observed 32 others. One of the others has turned into the brightest comet in Earth's night sky in early 2015, comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy). Now, NASA has compiled the data to create the below video, that shows the progression of NASA's NEOWISE survey in the year after its Dec. 2013 restart. Each dot represents an asteroid or comet that the mission observed.


All Hail The Taxi Cab

Pictured above: The iconic Checker Taxi Cabs VAV!/January 25, 2015 Taxi cabs, in one form or another,  have been proudly serving paying passengers for over three centuries now! A taxi cab, otherwise known by some as a taxi or a cab, is a vehicle for hire. With a driver at the wheel, its main purpose is to transport passengers from location to location, based on their specifications. From the taxi's first appearance on the roadways to the iconic yellow cab,  millions everywhere have been served by the ever present taxi. 

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